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Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
I have a weird taste in designs honestly :P. Yeah, I have to admit Ozzy, Skarmory was a pain to use in the beginning but by the league it was one powerful bird xD. And a steel bird does sound pretty cool tbh :3. It's one of the most defensive birds and it's attack shouldn't be that underestimated.
Thanks for the comment & thought, Rainbow. Steel types do have weird designs.

Originally Posted by xxReshiramxx View Post
Username:* xxReshiramxx
Partner Pokemon:* Skarmory and Lucario
Why do you like/love Steel types?:* I like Steel types because they have some really cool designs. They also have large balance move pools so it makes it a lot easier to choses a set of four moves.
Hi Reshiram, welcome to the club. We've just started so there's still much for you to discuss about, hope u have fun ^^.

Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
Username: ShinyUmbreon189
Partner Pokemon:
Why do you like/love Steel types?: They got really high defense but they lack speed. They got really cool designs and can learn lot's of moves.
Hey buddy, thanks for joining my club. I agree with your explanation of Steel types. Have fun~

Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
Username: Avishka
Partner Pokemon:
Why do you like/love Steel types?
I like steel-types in general. they are the most useful type. Steel pokemon look cool and are powerful themselves. They have tons of resistances, they're the only resistance to dragon-types....
Haylo Avish, welcome to the club. Your choices of Pokemon has made my OP editing much easier xD Hope to see your activity here ^^.

Note: I have edited the original post along with a new topic, guys. Enjoy~!