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Cody Willingham- Pallet Town

"I'm here!"




As Cody's eyes watered from the sudden bright light, Cody was able to piece together two things: 1. Whoever took his picture was Fred, since he was only expecting one other person to show up and Fred was the last of the trainsers. 2. Fred got a crappy picture because Cody was in it. He wasn't exactly photogenic.

Oak wheeled himself towards the large brown round table that sat next to a giant map of the Kanto region that hung on the wall. The whole set up reminded Cody of a classroom, which made him groan audibly. More work. I thought this was going to be quick. I don't need another orientation, Cody complained to himself. Really? More lectures? Come on. This was supposed to be easy. Get Pokemon. Get Pokedex. Get out. Humoring Oak would be easy though, Cody plopped into a chair and stared at the container, placing music in his head until he heard anything that was important.

Well now, this is exciting. THIS," Oak turned to show off the Kanto map, "Is the Kanto Region. You will be traveling for about a year, collecting the special badges from the certified League gyms. Now, since the Association changed up the league a few years back - there are some changes. Every official gym now comes with a puzzle, or a trial of sorts for incoming trainers. These will be done in groups, as will the gym battles themselves. Every gym leader will have the number of Pokémon needed to battle each of you. So for example," Oak used a laser pointer and directed it on Pewter City. "Pewter Gym, leader Brock here will use five Pokémon to accommodation a one on one battle with each of you. That is, given you past the trial."

Cody sighed. Everything sounded like a lot of work, even though he only really picked up: travel, year, gym, puzzle (yay fun), trial (boo work), battle. This sounded like the adventure he found himself in. Nothing out of the ordinary yet.

"What will these trials be exactly?" Riku questioned.


"They vary from gym to gym, but most will require team work with both your fellow trainers and your Pokémon. But I'll tell you this now, they are dangerous."


Oak said grimly, Riku's eyes narrowed and he nodded a bit. This would be VERY interesting. "These five Pokéballs here, each hold one of your Starter Pokémon. Now, you'll get to choose according to the order in which you-"

Another flash. Just when Cody was about ready to select his Pokemon. He was pretty sure he was first. Then again, maybe he was third. He definitely wasn't last. At least, he didn't remember being last.

Riku was off yelling at Fred for something till the sound of a Pidgeot broke the sound barrier and Cody was distracted. It didn't sound like cries of joy…more like pain. What the hell was going on? Thick smog filled the air, but Cody was able to follow the sound of voices until he was reunited with the group, covering his mouth with his hoodie in order to breath. Oak, seeming to understand the situation, urged them to take some Pokeballs to fight back but his voice was replaced with the sound of Pokeballs crashing to the floor. Cody had a theory of what was happening, but he didn't like the idea of it.

"We are going to have to-"

"Target acquired!"

"Do something." The room was suddenly clear of smoke and group of adults wearing masks with golden eyes eyed down the teenagers. The scientists were routed with ooze on their face and Oak was perched on a man's shoulder. So Oak was being kidnapped. What would a group want with a handicapped old man? Wouldn't stealing Pokemon be more profitable?

"You kids are lucky, our missions are usually pulled of flawlessly and we're never seen. It's a shame, he wanted you five unharmed. But unfortunately I'm calling the shots here. Fire at will." The Blitz members fanned out into an orderly line, each one lining across from one of them. Cody crouched down and picked up a Pokeball. There was no way he could take on an adult in a fist fight. Well actually, maybe he could. But a Pokemon, any Pokemon really, would be less work on his delicate frame.

Without as much as word, the member threw his Pokeball and through the flashing lights (luckily not as piercing as the earlier flash attack) was a Houndour. Cody, aware of the traditions of battle, dropped his to the ground. Out from his ball was a Pikachu. A pleasant surprise. Pikachu was his second choice. Eevee being his first.

"Houndour. Fire and Dark type. Principal weaknesses are water, ground, and fighting types. I don't have a type advantage unfortunately, but I give a 0% of beating me anyway."

"Big words coming from some kid," the grunt barked, almost insulted. "What makes you so confident? Have you even battled before, punk?"

"I have run enough simulations to know what I am doing. Also, I am assuming you are an idiot."

"WHAT?! YOU LITTLE SH*T! HOUNDOUR, USE EMBER!" The grunt roared in anger and his Pokemon channeled his master's rage into a fiery blitz of an attack, the sparks of fire flying towards Cody and Pikachu. Cody leaned out of the way, avoiding the bad aim. Pikachu, seemingly already in sync with Cody, nimbly dodged the attack as well, leaping to the side and gearing up for his own attack.

"Pikachu. Use Thundershock," Cody said with half wave of interest. He ran through enough battles in his head that the whole allure of the thing was already gone. Pikachu charged up a jolt of electricity and launched the bolt of energy directly at his opponent, frying the Houndour and nearly tuckering the Pokemon out. Must of been a critical hit.

The grunt spat. "Looks like the kid can back up this talk," he said under his breath. "Fine then. Houndour, use leer." With a strong glare, the Houndour tried to stir some fear in Pikachu, who was preparing another Thundershock to follow up the last one, as if knowing Cody was to order that anyway. Pikachu halted the attack, frightening by the sharp eyes of Houndour. "Now scorch the little mouse with ember!" The grunt ordered. Pikachu, still intimidated failed to dodge the move, and was surrounded and seared by the flames. Pikachu crawled out of the attack, wincing and crying in pain.

"Roll on the ground!" Cody said, remembering his basic lessons on putting out fires. Pikachu internally shrugged his shoulders and rolled on the ground, suffocating the flames. The Houndour tried to launch another batch of ember, loading up the flames in his mouth. "Pikachu, fire a quick Thundershock." Charged up, Pikachu fired the Thundershock directly into the mouth of his opponent, hitting home launching the Houndour back to its owner. More cooked than a well done piece of meat, the Houndour laid on the ground twitching in defeat.

The grunt shallowed his pride and recalled the Pokemon. "Looks like I need to find myself some less useless Pokemon."

"Looks like you need to find a better line of work. Maybe something with a less ridiculous uniform."

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