Thread: 6th Gen The Pokémon Names (So Far)
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    I like all the names so far, English or French (I live in France) . They are simple, easy to pronounce, and reflect more or less what the Pokémon is. As I've said in the thread about deigns, I like when the Pokémon people keep it simple.

    There's also one thing I noticed about French names: at least two of them, Pandespiègle (Pancham) and Cabriolaine (Skiddo) are more than 10 letters long. Looks like that limit is getting bumped up to 12!

    One last thing: for those who say Gen 1 names are not that creative, I'm surprised no one mentioned the absolute worst Pokémon name ever in terms of being creative: Golem. It's just the word "golem". As much as I like simple Pokémon names, just using an already existing word without changing it at all is too much even for me.

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