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    Originally Posted by Jellicent♀ View Post
    Ivy seems like it would suit Homika very well, I have to agree. I'm still curious as to what they're going to call Akuroma. I kind of want it to be Bill, just so I can say "Bill Nye the Science Guy!"
    Plasmus would be cool, too. Then we'd REALLY think he's a part of Team Plasma.
    Lol, but there's already a Pokemon scientist named Bill. Remember, he designed the Boxes?

    I think it would be cool if Homika was Roxanne. That sounds a bit like toxic, and she could be Roxy or Roxie. Sounds a little like "rose" though. Oh well, roses have thorns. (Plus it sounds like "rock" as in rock star lol) There isn't one already named anything similar, right? Not in Hoenn or anything? Because I'm clueless about Hoenn.

    It would be hilarious if she was named Gertrude. It's such an ugly name, lol. Brings to mind an ugly old lady. (No offense anyone who is beautiful and named Gertrude.) I could see her as Trudi though.

    Please just leave Akuroma as Akuroma, it's such an awesome name. Chrome brings to mind a car. Or a robot or something.
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