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    Originally Posted by HackDeoxys View Post
    Comments: The third city in my hack. You'll need to by a ferry ticket in the building that blocks the road so that you can progress to Elisis Town.
    The ticket building blocks the road, but only barely. Someone's first thought looking at that is going to be, "Oh, look, a conveniently-placed sign. -_-". Extending the Gym fence to run behind the structure and visibly connect to the ticket building would make a tad more sense.

    The white tents don't cast a shadow. Because they are placed directly over white tiling (and because they, being R/S/E tiles, use a slightly different perspective than the FR/LG tiles), they look flat as a result.

    Tile errors run rampant on the north coast. You used the wrong tile to connect the upper-edge cliff tiles to the upper-corner cliff tiles, and in exactly two cases you didn't connect them at all.

    A similar tile error appears on the pond near the southern edge of the town. For shallow shorelines of that sort, upper-edge cliff tiles blend to side-edge shore tiles just fine; you need not use a special tile.

    The isolated building in the water looks implausible. A perfectly-square landmass exactly the size of the building is unlikely to occur naturally, yet it makes no sense for the landmass to be artificially constructed (why not connect it to the island, or just build the structure on the island to begin with?).

    On the plus side, the town has an interesting layout to it, and some good geography. Most of the flaws, especially those listed above, are minor ones.