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Originally Posted by lolwhet View Post
Looks great.
Originally Posted by lolwhet View Post

- Very natural
- Difficult, yet playable
- Foresty
- No noticable tile errors
- Love them tiles!

- One tile pathways
- A bit tedious after the first trip - Confusing to look at
- Stairs don't fit well with the other tiles

Overall, good work! Most of the cons are acceptable, since its a forest.
Map: 9/10
Tiles: 9.9/10 (stairs dont look good in the forest, change the blue to brown)

- Well, it's only natural that natural (lol) mapping style will have 1 tile pathways, which in this case AREN'T in the whole map, only in the "deeper" parts of it, which is only natural (again) the road won't be wide.
- Agreed, but then again it's natural.
- I totally agree with you, and I swear I'd change it if I had the power; but saddly I'm out of palettes. It's not like I'd use an entire palette for a stair tile, so I used the original stair's palette, the Mart palette from tileset 0.

Thanks though, really needed some reviews.

Originally Posted by HackDeoxys View Post
First of all, I'm assuming you meant for this forest to be maze-like, because there's a very easy way to get through it that makes all the water and the right side of the map completely unnecessary. And you don't even have to go through much tall grass.
Originally Posted by HackDeoxys View Post

I love the tiles, although, like lolwhet, I recommend that the stairs be changed from blue to brown/black/dark green. The blue

I do like the map in general, although I recommend that it be harder to get through.
The grass patches may not be many, but the wild Pokemon encounter ratio is very high, and it's a really scary forest with Pokemon +5 level of yours, making things a little more harder. ALSO it's not as easy as it looks; for example, Viridian Forest is HECK-A-EASIER to get through, it's practically a 4 straight lines, so in comparison to that forest, my forest seems impossible to get through.
As for the other points you made, what I said above ^, to lolwhet.

Originally Posted by HackDeoxys View Post
My map:
Map Name: Sola City
Map Game: FR (Pokemon ShadowStone)
Comments: The third city in my hack. You'll need to by a ferry ticket in the building that blocks the road so that you can progress to Elisis Town.
It's a very good map. I like how it's between natural and normal - you know, with the lack of space but the freedom of moving around anyway - if that's even possible-
What I didn't like is the lack of more grass, the sudden path change -kinda weird without the right tiles-, the lamposts that are randomly placed around the town and that rock in the side of the road, which seems totally out-of-place. Also I see some tile errors in the upper left corner of the cliff; the tiles of the mountain and grass shouldn't be that way, Nintendo has screwed that one up in the tileset, try the exact opposite of that tile.


And now time for yet-another-of-my-maps.
Name: Solana Island
Hack: Old Nirvana
Credits: *removed for safety*
Comments: The remake of the first town (or island) of the old version of Nirvana, in a completly different style. Yeah, there IS a western connection, and NO this is not Dante's tree. Don't steal. The owners of these tiles might be mad.



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