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Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
Wat da heck

Why not just hack MMBN6 instead?
I can think of a variety of reasons:
  • hacking a pokémon game into a mega man game is certainly much more original than making a mega man game into another mega man game
  • the op may not have the hacking know-how to hack mega man and may prefer to hack pokémon
  • the op may prefer the way pokémon plays out as a rpg style game with a solid battling system over the way mega man plays out
  • the op may prefer pokémon over mega man but like them both so wants to hack one into the other to add more variety into a community that needs it
  • I'm nowhere near an expert on the mega man community (heck, I actually know nothing about it) but the pokémon hacking community (particularly 3rd generation games) is very advanced without having to delve too much into the mechanics of the game so it may actually be easier to hack than mega man
Now on to the actual hack, I commend you for actually bringing something different to the community. This very much reminds me of a while ago when someone hacked firered to be a mario themed game and it was both very well received in the community and was also a solid, different game. I may have never played a mega man game but I am quite excited to play this when a substantial beta is released as I believe it can be a breath of fresh air around here. Good job.