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    Originally Posted by Hyper Chibi Absol View Post
    Thanks guys for everything. I just have one little question before I log off for bed. Why does the script not stop when I get the Sunstone? I get one and it says I put it in my bag then it says I get another one right after that and its like looped.

    The script looks like this.

    #dynamic 0x1B3465

    #org @start
    giveitem 0x5D 0x1 0x0

    It has "end" in it. I thought that ended the script. I shouldn't need release because I checked the other scripts that were actually in the game for the water stone and stuff but they were just like what I had only with slightly different offsets and item number of course.
    What is with your Dynamic address? You should really stick to using 800000+ unless you know exactly what you are doing. Its going to try to force your script into places it really shouldn't be. Like earlier you said you were using Ruby, and in Ruby that address is full of information already. Which could be messing up your script while also messing up a lot of other things in the game.

    Looping can also depend on how you are actually setting it up in advance map.