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    Name (First, Middle-optional and Last): Hikaru Tachibana

    Nickname (Optional): Shiny

    Age (10-15): 15

    Sex (Male or Female): Male

    Dorm (Raikou Dorm, Entei Dorm or Suicune Dorm): Suicune Dorm

    Appearance (A picture can be provided instead of a description if you so wish):

    Personality (How does your character act and react to others? Their mental state? Flaws and/or personal weaknesses?):
    As a sporty kid, he has an outgoing personality, and also a sense of justice. He is very competitive and sometimes competes with others. He totally not really good at study, but he is trying really hard as he can. Hikaru never really think about love, that's why he doesn't have any romance side. Hikaru is actually kind and sweetheart, but like a kids, he never find that much.
    Hikaru, like his name that mean shining, he likes many shiny stone but recklessly always lost all of that stone, oh yeah! Hikaru really hates dirty thing and always bring his hand sanitizers and his healthy parfume.

    History (Where did your character grow up? Who did they grow up with? What have the been doing before this? Any noteworthy events? What brought them to the academy?):

    He is a orphan that take away by rich family in Hoenn, he is big in a big mansion. Because of that, he likes almost all sport especially run! He winning many championship, maybe his parents proud of him, but he was never got many attention from other people, many people in championship thinks he was cheating back in the championship. This feeling make him wants to be more kind to people, but he never noticed it!
    Hikaru make many campaign to clean area around him, find many friend and keep a low profile. But someone knowing that he is a rich guy and many people that heard the gossip about Hikaru's championship was hated Hikaru now. Yeah, Hikaru then get out from his manor and run away to a place that full of memory, the time...when he is alone in a forest when his parents found him as a baby, crying and wanting a hug...He found a cute Jumpluff running fast as it can, Hikaru smile and running with that Jumpluff until they both give up. That Jumpluff than said it want to be Hikaru friend, that was the first time Hikaru got a real friend.
    One day, he was back to the manor, looking for information for his next school, wow! He saw a cool academy called Pokemon Trainer Academy. It was ready now, Jumpluff smile to him and bring some of his belonging, a Sneasel and a Buizel now became Hikaru's friend too!
    Looks like his new adventure ready to go and start!

    Pokémon (Maximum of 3. No legendaries, 'shiny' or stage 3 pokémon. Oddly colored but not

    1.Jam (Jumpluff)(M)(Cottonweed Pokemon)(Lv.25)
    - Bounce
    - Aerial Ace
    - Giga Drain
    - U-Turn
    He is pokemon that loyal to Hikaru, likes to eat something yummy!

    2. Sneasel (F)(Sharp Claw Pokemon)(Lv.25)
    - Icy Wind
    - Ice Punch
    - Metal Claw
    - Faint Attack
    She is pokemon that like to fight, always wanting Hikaru to use her in many battle.

    3. Guy (Buizel)(M)(Sea Weasel Pokemon)(Lv.23)
    - Aqua Jet
    - Blizzard
    - Brine
    - Furry Cutter
    He is the one in love with Sneasel, he is really kind to other pokemon and do not like fight without a really big reason. Like a place that calm.

    Tell me if i'm accepted or not, please~

    Thanks to Rambagos in Pokemon Stars
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