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    Shawn shook his head, remembering the events from before. "My friends and I went exploring in Lugia dorm. They left because they saw something outside, so I went upstairs to explore and to search for a ghost-type to add to my team. I battled and captured one, but as I picked up the pokeball, something weird happened. I felt something push against me, softly at first. When I kept going, though, it got stronger and stronger. Eventually, it got strong enough to knock me down the stairs. Right as I got up from that, it hit one last time, and, well..." he gestured to how he looked and moved, "You can see the result."

    He thought more about it as they got to the dorm's door. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think that the sum of ghostly power in the dorm was enough to do this." He looked down to the Cubone that led the way as he opened the door to the dorm. Now to get to his room.

    "Your Cubone seems to be pretty brave for his type. From what I've heard they can be very cowardly," he said to Sammy. "Your Corphish, though, is very intimidating."

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