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C) I think an Isul doll of Max would be most fitting. Perhaps he could be holding a Ralts.

You are a receptionist working in Saffron City when two Team Rocket admins come rushing in with several grunts and demanding to take all of your company's research. Everyone is working today so you can call for backup from them if need to. Note that Gym Leader Sabrina is in the city. Your Pokemon are a Abra and Gloom. What do you do next?

A) Scream 'Help me, somebody help' as loud as you can then hide under your desk.
B) Tell your Abra to go alert Sabrina that there is trouble.
C) Inform everyone on the intercom that Team Rocket are invading and to come down and help.
D) Run outside and hope you see a strangely heroic 10 year old with a Pikachu in the area.
E) *Heroic Anime Music plays* I am battling the whole team myself.
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