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Posted January 2nd, 2017
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I would like to use your functions in my own tool but I don't know how to import them in and use them in my project. Could you please help?
You can either download and compile the project and just reference the library file (.dll) in your projects, that should work.

If you want to view the code in the debugger I recommend adding the whole project to your project folder. In case you are using visual studio do as follows: Right click in your solution explorer on the solution you are currently working on and select: Add - Existing project. Select the project file from the github master folder and (very important) reference the Single project from your main project (just like adding a normal reference, but checking the project tab - its where you find libraries that are already inside your solution.

The code is currently partly commended, but in german. I will probably recomment most of it when I find the time to, but most of the stuff is pretty self-explaining.

Keep in mind that the library will copy any rom object into the memory and work with a byte[] object. In order write changes to files you have to use Rom.Save or Rom.Patch, which will either overwrite a file / create a new one or patch a file.

Good luck programming :)