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Name: Shadow
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Personality: Shadow is really nice, but he shies away from most people. He does not always know how to act around other people as he has never had a real family that he can remember. He hides that he is a hybrid from the Team Rocket experiments. As most of his primary attacks could be used with a sword. He tries to protect those in need regardless of what they are. Hybrids, humans, and pokemon, they were all the same to him. He does not look at himself as better than human or pokemon, all were equal in his eyes. Thus treating them all the same except Team Rocket. He shows no love for members of Team Rocket, even sometime assassinating targets. He only wants peace, harmony, and tranquility. But he will fight if there is no other choice. He was once a friend with a Team Rocket member while in captivity like all the other hybrids. He and his sister were hated for being friends with one. When Team Rocket found out, they killed the one who they were friends with. But he fears that he will lose control of his power and hurt everyone he cares for.

Height: 6'5"

Hybrid Trainer typing: Dark and Fighting
Hybrid Trainer Ability: Speed Boost and Pure Power
Hybrid Trainer Moveset: Aura Sphere, Night Slash, Sacred Sword, Dragon Pulse, Learned (Bone Rush.)

Pokemon Team: Duoblade, Greninja, Lucario, Vimbrava, Noibat, and Eevee (Team changes in sig,)

Attack execution: Shadow mainly tries to avoid fighting, but will fight if someone is in trouble or if he is forced with no other choice. He uses two swords when he is fighting. Shadow mainly uses close combat attacks, depending heavily on speed and power. He uses Aura Sphere when he is at a distance. When he is in range, he uses a barrage of Sacred Sword and Night Slash attacks with his swords and when no one is expecting anything else, he unleashes Dragon Pulse from his swords or mouth which usually finishes off his opponents.