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Hack name: Pokémon Eternal

Hack of: Fire Red

Information about the hack: You begin as a simple florist who has never had an interest with Pokémon, despite them being all around them. One night, however, you dream that the mythical pokemon Celebi is reaching out to you, asking for you to save it. So you set out on your journey, leaving your husband/wife behind to visit a professor across the sea, who gives you your first Pokémon. Whilst you only wished to use it so you can venture out in the wild, soon you're taking on challenges from other trainers, catching new Pokémon, and earning gym badges.

Your 'rival' is a friend of yours who opted for joining Team Zero (might change name), a gang of bad people who intend to use celebi for their own malicious purposes.

I eventually want to implement quests to obtain/catch all legendary Pokémon.

All 721 Pokémon will be available, perhaps even megas (if I can work out the evolution system).

Finished percentage: 0% (It's in its initial planning stages)

Your hacking skills: I'm a newbie who's learning to script, sprite, map, and do other general things.

What help or skill you're looking for: I would mainly like someone who can create maps (maybe even their own tiles), and sprites/overworlds too. I'm leaning towards doing more scripting myself.