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Will this be easier to insert midi files for use? I get confused with sappy easily. Also, the keyboard is a neat feature ... will there be some sort of midi creation options so that we can make midi with the sound groups in the game? Or will that still be handled externally?
I plan on scrapping the need for converting MIDI to a .s file entirely by having you import MIDI files themselves (you can play them back and see how they sound before inserting them into the ROM itself [same goes for importing voice tables from a .SF2])

I didn't plan on making a sort of music composition kind of thing, since that's really lots of work and not entirely necessary since there are lots of DAWs (digital audio workstations), however, there will be a track viewer where you view all of the events and you can double click one to edit the note or modulation or whatever you want to change. Creating a MIDI is miles simpler than using what I'd create here.

EDIT: I also have plans for learning the NDS SBNK file format, which will allow importing of NDS voice groups right to GBA. That way everyone can have NDS music very easily with no issues (assuming track and DirectSound expansions have been made)