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Aww, but I wanna be a Leafeon! ;__; Oh well, aha. Out of these three lifestyles, I think I'm going with (a), Vaporeon! Tranquility is important to me, and being surrounded by aquatic scenery should be great! :D

You learned that there is a secret dungeon with a Legendary Pokémon at the end! However, the dungeon is a giant, confusing maze... And to make things worse, you will have to deal with a wild Pokémon encounter for every single step you take in that dungeon. What will you do?

(a) Top-secret dungeons with treasure at the end? And the treasure is none other than a Legendary Pokémon? YEAH, TIME TO CHARGE RIGHT IN!
(b) Ugh, a wild encounter at every single step?! Nope nope nope.
(c) Try exploring the dungeon for a few minutes, but get the heck out of there if it ends up being too annoying.
(d) Spend every last bit of your hard-earned cash on Max Repels... and then cry if you run out of Repels in the middle of the dungeon, oops.

(It's been a long time since I've used this scenario, and I'd be interested in seeing a fresh response for it!)

"I'm thinking of you as we leap to seize our dreams.
Your light guides me, like clovers swaying across the meadow.
Our clustering wishes will shine fervently for the rest of eternity."

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