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Kion Gavin - Forest

"Great, now I'm armless and my hair's back to its original color..." Gavin muttered to himself. "I swear I'll kill the first person who says, 'Need a ha-'" It was at this point that he heard a familiar voice. He looked around and see where it was coming from. It was a horrible, almost cliched villainous laugh, but he couldn't quite place where he'd heard it before. Not long after, he heard what sounded like crying not far off. He went to the source, and found Cheryll scavenging the grounds for...something. He didn't like seeing her like that, and he ran hundreds of possibilities through his head before approaching her. This was inadvertent, and when he finally snapped out of his brooding he put his hand out and said, "Get up, Cherry. You don't deserve to be on the ground like this."

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