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Allister Curtis

Allister listened to what Cheryll had to see, his anger bubbling up inside of him to the point he actually felt like he was burning from the inside out. With Cheryll's nervousness in mind he struggled to maintain his composure but he truly hated those who treated others as lesser being than themselves.

I have had just enough of this... they have no idea what they went through today, perhaps they'd like to find out what it's like to have an angry mage after you?

Allister yawned loudly, but not loudly enough for it to be obviously fake.
"Actually, I'm really tired... so I'm just going to go to bed. But first..."
Sequenti Luce he cast the spell non-verbally a small sphere of light appearing in his hand. he let it float over to Cheryll
"It will follow you until it runs out of energy, should make it much easier for you to find your phone. Anyway, I'm off but I'll see you guys in the morning"

Allister continued onwards and out of the forest towards the school, his mood worsening with every step.
I'm going to find you, and your cronies... then I'm going to make you all wish you were dead.
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