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    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki & Takumi
    (Joint post with ShinyDiamond)
    Chapter 2: today is the day.
    Cafetaria -> Dorm room

    Shiny; Nami & I got ourselves some grub finally, some actual-looking food & a blood bag for Nami. I wondering if Nami likes anything else to eat. Not like I'm gonna cook or anything, mind you! We took our seat & as Nami drank her blood bag, she mentions the blood tasted better. "Must be that you got used to the taste," I point out. I'm not a food expert, but hey, I know my stuff.

    Pink; "No i'm sure of it, it tastes like it should taste now." Nami said and took another sip. Takumi's blood still tasted better though... "Hey, can I drink your blood?" Nami asked him in a teaseful manner.

    Shiny; DId she just asks what I had hoped she wouldn't?! Suddenly I'm terrified, though not as much as usual. Perhaps it's because Nami's asking permission. I don't know. "Er..." I was scratching my chin, humming this out, while eating my food. After gulping it down, I reply, "I...guess I can allow it." I can't believe I actually had to think about this...

    Pink; "Haha, I was just kidding..." Nami said as she turned the offer down, but truth to be told... she couldn't resist herself from pressing her fangs in his neck. Nami glanced at Takumi as he seemed a little scared, Nami actually found it a little cute but wanted him to relax a bit. Nami, before she knew it, pressed her lips on Takumi's and kissed him. It didn't take long for her to realize what she was doing, perhaps a few seconds. She immediately pulled back and pressed her fangs in Takumi's neck while panicking. She was madly blushing and about to cry. Why the hell did she do that?!

    Shiny; Why was Nami hesitating? Perhaps she always get nervous before she bites into her victim, but- Mmmph! Oh god, did she just- Now she's- "GAAAAAAHHHH!!" OK, maybe she just missed my neck. God that smarts! I hope I can get used to this. Ouch!

    Pink; Nami pulled back after drinking a bit of his delicious and sweet blood and looked at him with a slight blush on her face. "S-Sorry~ I read someone that kissing your victim before drinking his blood might sooth the pain a little..." Nami looked a little regretful.

    Shiny; Is that possible...? Frankly, it's a little hard to understand. So that kiss wasn't intentional? It felt kind of nice... Gah, what am I saying?! "As long as you enjoyed it." I cover my neck with a napkin & stand up. "It's getting late. Let's catch up tomorrow, Nami-san!" I throw my trash, & my napkin, away & give Nami a smile. "Oh, & one more thing." I turn to Nami once more. "You don't have to fight alone y'know." With that, I leave the cafeteria & head back into my dorm.

    In my room, I notice that my roommate wasn't in here. He'll probably come in later. I change into my night clothes & head into bed, thinking about the events that held today. Wait... "Didn't I have an assignment due tomorrow?" Crap.

    ShinyDiamond: What Takumi failed to notice was the note left on Kakusu's bed.

    Pink; Nami stood up after Takumi left and blushed a little. He wasn't angry about the fact that she kissed him and that made her a little happier. He even said that it was okay as long she enjoyed it… There was one thing that confused her though, did he like her or not? She left the cafeteria and entered the hallways of the schools.

    "Hey there, cutie." She heard being said to her as she walked past a group of boys. Nami ignored them but heard them wistle and laugh after she went outside. "Idiots..." She mumbled as she walked over the schoolgrounds in the dark. She noticed some students from her class but didn't feel like starting a conversation with them, the only thing she desired right now was some sleep.

    She entered her and Elene's dorm room only to notice that it looked rather empty at the moment. Nami noticed that only her name was on the door now, where was Elene? Nami looked around and noticed that everything that Elene possesed was gone. The laptop, her clothes, everything. "Elene?" Nami looked at the empty bed, the sheets where gone as well... seems like she no longer shared a room together.

    Ryuu Higoroshi
    Chapter 2: 3C's Homeroom teacher
    Classroom 13 -> Teachers Dorm Room

    Ryuu looked at the clock and saw that it was very late already. He stood up and prepared himself to tell the remaining students to leave the classroom. "Guys, it's late already... will you be so kind to leave and get yourselves some rest? Class starts tomorrow again, there will be an announcement in the morning to tell you which classes you'll be having. " Ryuu took his stuff and left the classroom. It was unusual for students to stay inside a classroom for so long, students hate school, right?

    Ryuu walked towards the teachers dorms as he noticed Raizo standing there. "You look concerned." He only said. "Some problems with a student..." Ryuu sighed and walked past him. "It's late, you should catch some z's." Ryuu opened the door to his room and closed it silently. The first thing he did was opening his books to find out which parasite had choosen Kakasu as his host but Ryuu was tired and fell asleep on his books.




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