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If it has 4 egg moves and probably around 4-5/6 IV's with probably hidden ability anger point then it's mine. Hope you like it.😃
Eyyy, thank you Chr! x3 I love it!

An Absol its pretty decent my 38 magikarps have better stats than that absol which means I should get back to breeding more magikarps.
I think that was probably mine! Hope it's good ~

The scoreboard has been updated with the Pokémon you guys have all been hatching. Keep it up! We'll update the scoreboard for as long as we can ~

And so, it's time to announce the winners!

1st Place

A narrow but nonetheless spectacular victory with 34 points!
Congrats - you and your hatched Pokémon now have a permanent place in the Egg Swap Hall of Fame!

2nd Place

Snapping at Cid's heels the entire time, last year's champion finishes in a commanding 2nd with 31 points - just 3 swaps in it!

3rd Place

Bringing up best of the rest, with an awesome 19 points!

Let's also give honourable mentions to Sheep with 10 points, and TheAlmightyBlaziken with 6 points.

And of course, we must mention our gracious host who ran this event more than I did this year, HeroLinik, who collected 22 points.

Make sure you tell us which Pokémon you got! We'll keep updating the board for as long as possible.

Thanks for supporting us in this year's Egg Swap and everyone who has taken part over the past 8 years. It's been a lot of fun!

See you next time!

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