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Hi, I created this thread because I used the "scripts.rxdata" that "Tea-Rex" (in the Z-Move addon thread, it's basically a port of the 16.2 version of the script to the 17.2 and everything works flawlessly with it) uploaded and I added the ultra-burst script as well as the prism armor script, the N-Solarizer, and N-Lunarizer and the Photon Geyser scripts, everything was working fine until I added the Ultra-Burst one, when I tried to generate a battle (using the debug-mode) the Mega-Evolution Button wasn't appearing and even if I press the key to activate it, nothing happens, the same thing happens when I try to use a Z-Move or the Ultra-Burst, though the Primal Reversion works perfectly so the issue is related to "special actions that work with a button". Can anyone help me? I'm lost and really don't see where the problem is. Thanks in advance.