Toxic Terror

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Sitting in a lavish red office, a room seemingly alien to the rest of the building's general structure and design, a large man sits behind a wooden desk. The man is heavy set, but muscularly heavy. His face seemed to be chiseled, his eyebrows neatly groomed and his hair shortly cut. His eyes are sharp and full of purpose, and his teeth are perfectly white. His suit is comprised of various shades of red, even his button-up shirt underneath his suit jacket. On his left hand, he wears a gold ring on his middle finger. It is clear he takes close care of his appearance and keeps up with physical training on a regular basis.

Across the man's desk are four folders, each containing thoroughly detailed information about the four new hires. Only one of which is opened before him, studying the contents labelled, "Helene Sarget."

"Mr. Okumura, preparations for the living quarters have been made. You may now begin calling in the new hires," a soft, womanly voice spoke out. A grin cracked across his handsome face, and he replied with a gruff voice, "Excellent. Inform the guards in the waiting room. Call in Helene Sarget first. Make sure she hands those papers to the guards."

"Certainly, sir," the voice replied.

With a sigh of relief, he was finally ready to get these last interviews underway. Just as he finished sighing, he reached his right hand beneath the breast of his jacket, and pulled out a Pokeball. It shined in the dying glow of the sunset, a gleam in his eye as he held the Pokeball aloft. Immediately, he tossed the device up and behind him, releasing a creature of great size.



Back in the waiting room, both the guards were waiting patiently for any news, as they both felt it was almost time for them to be bringing in the hires.

"Marcus, Diego, it's time," a soft, womanly voice broke out in the ears of the two security guards. Both quickly press the device in their ear, Diego replying with, "Understood. Our orders?"

"Be ready, I'm about to call the first employee. Diego, I'd like you to retrieve the employees. Marcus, you stay behind and monitor the others until the last one goes through. Understand?" Marcus sighed, but was given a harsh look by his partner. "You got it, boss lady. None of these newbies will get past me." "... Good. And remember, for god's sake, behave yourself."

She ended the transmission abruptly, making Marcus red with agitation. "Hey, if you cleaned up your act, she wouldn't heat on you so hard." He snapped at Marcus' face, getting his attention and getting a wry chuckle. "Yeah... but I gotta admit, I love the boss lady giving me a hard time."

Diego just looked at Marcus with disdain. "Just... ugh."

The screen above the door has just changed messages, with a voice that spoke out from the speakers in each corner of the waiting room.

"Helene Sarget, please step towards the door, and a security guard will escort you to the office." Now the screen above just flashes Helene's name in red.