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Chapter 14
An odd gift

“Huff…Puff, I hear some fighting ahead!” Jaron shouted to his brother, a few feet away.

“Good, so Jasmine did make it to ‘im,” Ciecro replied, “Come on, Dolly, we’re almost dere!”

“Don’t wait up for me,” Dolly shouted a couple of yards behind, “I’ll just slow you down. Get to him first and foremost.”

The two didn’t hesitate to leave the kangaskhan behind; Dolly was out of sight in a manner of minutes. The sound of a battle was ahead.

“They should be up there,” Jaron shouted with slight relief. He ran ahead, but was tackled by Ciecro. The noise of an explosion came from behind them. Ciecro got up off the confused Jaron and began scouring the area. He told Jaron that he was almost hit by a random shadow ball and that someone was around. Jaron didn’t hesitate to get back up and cover his brother’s back. The two listened and watched. Ciecro surged a dragon claw from his right claw and sliced another rogue shadow ball.

“Brother,” Jaron whispered, “the mon must be a flyer. The ball came from the opposite direction and I didn’t hear any rustling.”

“You right,” Ciecro whispered back, “Wait fo' another attack and go for it. I’ll deal with de move.” The two waited again for another one to be thrown and sure enough a shadow ball headed towards them again. “Deep left!” Ciecro shouted slicing at the ghost type move. Jaron ducked under the charmeleon’s arm and fired a scald. A silhouette moved evaded the attack, but it was too late.

“Gotcha,” Ciecro said with a grin as he twirled from the moment of his slice. He professionally pulled out a luminous orb and threw it. It’s lit the area up with a blinding light, causing the creature to squirm from the sudden light. The two brothers managed to shield their eyes before being blinded as well.

“Ow, that- ugh,” a gengar ranted, rubbing his hurting eyes. He blinked them just in time to see a dragon claw headed towards his throat. He phased into the ground, barely avoiding the lethal attack.

“Dammit,” Ciecro growled as the shadow rushed away from him.

“I’ll get it,” Jaron uttered before firing another scald at the gengar. It swiftly evaded and charged at Jaron. Vex slightly moved out of the ground and fired another shadow ball. Jaron dodged and fired his scald back, but once again the gengar phased into the ground and evaded with impressive speed.

“He’s faster in the ground,” Jaron shouted, as the shadowy circle rushed past him. Vex leaped out of the ground and fired more shadow balls, each one met with either Ciecro’s flamethrower or Jaron’s scald. Vex was about to hit the ground and phase, but spied out of the corner of his eye an incoming fist. He floated away from a powerful dizzy punch shredding the ground where the gengar would have been.

“More?” Vex muttered, a bit shaken from his second narrow escape.

“Jaron, Ciecro,” Dolly exclaimed, “go help them up ahead, I can handle this goof.” The duo nodded and resumed their mission.

“Heh, clever using the scare factor of that move even though it wouldn’t have hurt me,” Vex laughed. Dolly just gave an arrogant grin. She outstretched her arms and formed a focus blast.

She’s bluffing, but what if she has the scrappy ability?

She hurled the fighting type move at the ghost. Out of doubt, Vex flung his own ball move and the two collided. Dolly smiled and began to taunt. “Heh, lost your nerve. Wouldn’t blame yah, after all I can be a bit scrappy.”

“Shut it,” Vex replied, starting to get annoyed.

“What afraid of a normal type? I thought you ghosts were immune to our normality with your edgy style and mean looks.”

“I swear I’ll-”

“What’s the matter? Am I messing with your focus? Don’t worry hun, my battles always are a blast.”

Vex screamed in frustration. “I don’t have time to mess around with you or your poor excuse of humor,” Vex exclaimed, phasing back into the ground.

“Nope,” Dolly said, her irises glowing cyan. To his surprise, Vex phased out of the ground. He was left perplexed until Dolly exclaimed with a laugh, “Not so sneaky once you’ve been sighted, well foresighted that is.”

Both this news and the pun just angered the gengar. He fired a shadow ball straight at the kangaskhan. Dolly let it phase through her body and strike a tree.

Dammit, I’m hugely disadvantaged now, Vex thought as he scowled at the smirking kangaskhan. Two of my moves are useless to me and now I can’t phase into the ground to lose her … wait … heh very well then.

Vex’s scowl vanished as he looked up into the night sky. He closed his red eyes and said in a soft maniacal tone, “Now dearie, I suggest you leave while you still have your arms.”

Unintimidated by this threat, Dolly replied with, “If you think you puny ghost arms can even lift them.”

Vex gave a giggle and faced her again. As he opened his eyes slowly he slowly spoke, “Who said my arms?” His eyes opened wide; they were glowing an evil red light.

Dolly braced herself for an attack, but slowly she began to sway. Her eyes began dropping a little. She tried to look away from the hypnosis, but she couldn’t escape it. She fell onto her left knee, but managed to catch her fall with her right arm. By now she was half awake as Vex walked up towards her, his eyes still beaming.

“Mon’s like you are why the phrase, ‘muscle for brains’ exists. If only I had the time to waste on you, but unfortunately I need to beat those two there. Have a nice rest while I and my associate get what we want. Oh and don’t worry, we’ll try not to make it too gory of a scene,” He gave an evil grin as the kangaskhan collapsed into a deep sleep. Vex’s eyes reverted to their normal red selves. Vex felt a pleasurable jolt in his body as he returned to ghost type normality. He phased into the ground and shot to aid Siegfried.

Just as he left, Dolly began to turn a little. Her eyes opened up and she slowly got back to her feet. She rolled her head and with a smile muttered, “Good thing I’m an early bird kangaskhan, heh.”

< O >

Siegfried narrowly dodged a Psycho Cut from Jasmine only to raise his own to block Vragon’s Dragon Claw. He diverted one of his arms to block Jasmine’s incoming Megahorn. Siegfried slid his arms in front and pushed off using the combined force of all three moves. He landed a few feet away with Vragon and Jasmine readying to strike.

“I admit,” Siegfried commented while panting, “you both are quite impressive. An ordinary such as yourself really puts a lot of force behind those cuts.”

“I don’t need flattery goon. And shouldn’t you be appalled that you are losing to an ‘ordinary’ such as myself?” Jasmine retorted.

Siegfried smirked and answered, “It makes sense since I have two opponents. I mean you two have good battle chemistry considering your inexperience.”

“Hey!” Vragon shouted, “I’ll have you know we have plenty of experience.”

“Well I do at least,” Jasmine added with a small smile. Vragon gave her a truculent look. “Seriously, Jasmine? Fighting focus or comedian, Pick one!”

“Sorry Vray I enjoy riling you up too,” Jasmine said as she walked in front, readying a Psycho Cut, “But you’re right. It’s time to end this.”

“Indeeeeed” a voice came from her right. She turned to see a Shadow Ball headed her way. She swing her move to collide with the blob, causing a minor explosion. Vex’s shadow circled around the resulting smoke and leaped out of the ground. His Shadow Claw headed straight for Vragon. The startled fraxure raised his claws in response, but to his surprise he didn’t need to.

“You need to work on your reflex skills,” Jaron said with a smile, holding back the gengar’s attack. The croconaw focused on the ghost and pushed the mon back. The reptile fired a following Scald attack at the floating gengar. It hit its mark, knocking Vex into the ground a few feet away.

“How’s it going, Vee?” Jaron asked with a frisky smile.

“Don’t call me ‘vee’, Jaron” Vragon berated, “Can you lay your antics aside till after we’re in the clear?”

“You’re welcome,” Jaron answered, with a lighthearted smile. “Though yeah you’re right Vray. Jasmine, stay with Vragon, let me and Ciecro handle this,” Jaron ordered.

At that moment a beam of fire flew past the group at the just now getting up gengar. Vex barely was able to push himself away from the fire and fly out of the blast range. He descended towards Siegfried and landed beside him. Ciecro walked in front of the group, rolled his neck and snarled.

“Dese punks better be worth de trip,” Ciecro said with a sigh as he began walking towards them, cracking his claws.

“Wait? He’s the one from before?” Jaron announced. A worried expression crossed his face.

“What?” Vex replied with a grin, “She wanted to take me on and well that didn’t go so well.” Jaron’s face scowled.

“Why you-” Jaron started as he was about to rush towards them. To Jaron’s surprise, Ciecro blocked Jaron’s path with is arm. Jaron looked up at Ciecro’s very angry face.

“You just asking to be damaged,” the charmeleon rushed towards them. Siegfried rushed to join him and the two’s punches collided. Ciecro twirled around to strike with his tail. Siegfried leaped over it, only to be hit by a scald from Jaron.

“I’m surprised, that was a good plan,” Vragon praised Jaron.

“I just have to know when to play the support when he gets carried away.” Vragon gave a weak smile. Jaron gave a sympathetic one in return, “You’re not the only one that thinks before he moves.”

Jaron looked at the scene of Ciecro versus Siegfried. His eye then trailed the gengar, sneaking through the ground to flank them.

“Jasmine,” Jaron requested. She nodded and quickly threw a Psycho Cut at Vex. Vex evaded.

“Can’t you mons just try and be stupid for me,” Vex muttered, really annoyed with the resistance.

“Can’t you just fight directly and not make me have to keep an eye on you,” Jaron countered with a smirk. Unamused, Vex turned his attention to Vragon again.

“So much trouble over you. I’m beginning to think it isn’t worth it,” the ghost scoffed.

“I hope it isn’t,” Vragon agreed.

“Yeah Vragon’s not the funnest mon around,” Jaron stated, earning a scowl from the fraxure.

“Though it’s fun to fluster him,” Jasmine added. Vragon closed his angry eyes, took a deep breath and firmly said, “You both are the definition of delinquents.”

Jaron and Jasmine got in front of Vragon and readied for combat.

“But you like us anyway,” Jaron stated. Vragon sighed then answered with a slight smile, “Yes, yes I do.”

“Mind cutting the wimpy scene short,” Vex mocked as he readied two Shadow Balls. Right when he was about to fire he felt a chill in his spine. “What but I-” he said upon being identified.

“That’s what you get for being lazy,” Dolly said coming out of some bushes.

Vex gave a frown and sighed. “Oh come on.”

“Your fault for snoozing on the job.” Vex flinched angrily at the return of poor puns. He looked at the trio, back at the normal type Pokémon and finally to his hands.

“We can’t win this,” Vex snarled, “Siegfried, we’re out of here.”
Siegfried broke from his fight to join his all.

“I don’ think so,” Ciecro shouted as he lunged towards Siegfried, catching his right leg. The gallade fell on his face and turned just in time to parry a Thunderpunch. Vex fired a shadow ball to assist. Ciecro jumped away in time to evade and countered with a Flamethrower. Vex rolled out of the way and charged another Ball. To his dismay Jaron struck it with an Ice Beam. The ice covered the dark blob and froze over Vex’s hands.

“Now Jasmine!” Jaron exclaimed as the absol leaped up and fired a Psycho Cut right into Vex. The ghost hit the ground from the super effective move. Vex didn’t stay down for long though.

“You’re leaking,” Dolly said with a grin as she pointed to a slit in the gengar leaking an odd blue substance. Vex gasped and clasped the wound.

“Give up and I’ll patch you up,” Dolly offered, “and then you’re going to tell us why you are after little Vray.”

“Is everyone going to make fun of me,” Vragon groaned with a face-palm.

“Don’t be dragon me down little Vray.” Dolly smiled and Vragon growled.

“I’ll pass lady,” Vex answered with a creepy smile, “Better than the alternative.” Siegfried ran rushed towards Vex as Ciecro fired another beam of fire. Vex countered with a Shadow Ball. Siegfried pulled an orb out of his coat’s pocket and threw it at Jaron and Jasmine. Jaron hit it with an Ice Beam, but this only helped make the Luminous orb more effective. By the time the light died the two mons were gone.

“Dammit,” Ciecro growled as he browsed the area. After failing to see their escape path, he joined the group.

“Whelp that was something,” Jaron stated, “Did they catch on why they wanted you, Vray?”

Vragon shook his head. “All I can say is that they wanted something from my memories and maybe wanted to assess something about me. I don’t know for what though.”

“It’s fine buddy,” Jaron said putting his claw on Vragon’s shoulder, “But till those guys aren’t a danger you’re staying with us. Right Ciecro.”

Ciecro just gave an annoyed sigh. Vragon then noticed Jasmine’s had some wounds. He walked up to her and got down to see the damage to her leg.

“It’s not bad Vray,” Jasmine assured.

“If you walk on it, you might infect it unless we bandage it. Actually…” Vragon put his claw on it, causing Jasmine to wince from the pain. A small yellow light glowed for a second. Vragon removed his claw, revealing the wound sealed up.

“Thanks..Vray?” Jasmine said out of concern upon seeing the fraxure's eyes begin to droop.

Vragon began to wobble a little, But Jaron held him up. “Easy there, you’re hurt a bit yourself.”

“Yeah,” Vragon panted, “I kinda need to sit down. Jasmine, I’ll fix it up when we get back.”

“I’m fine Vray, you’ve helped enough,” Jasmine declined, “Save your energy for your own healing.”

“You mean synergy,” Vragon corrected.

“Yeah, yeah I know doctor,” Jasmine teased.

“Can you now Vray?” Jaron asked. The fraxure got up and wobbled a little, but retained his balance.
Dolly took the lead while Ciecro took the back.

< O >

Vragon sat in Jaron’s room looking at his pendant. His eyes followed the metal patterns on its surface. He flipped it over and repeated the process on the back. Hmm I almost lost you. I’m glad it worked…out.

Vragon’s head lowered slightly as he set his treasure on the nightstand. It was then Jaron walked in. The croconaw just stared for a little, with a worried expression on his face. He finally gave a cough to announce his entrance.

“Oh…hi Jaron,” Vragon said without looking, still in pensive.

“You okay? I don’t blame you for being a little-”

“It’s not that Jaron,” the fraxure admitted as their eyes locked. “Jaron…the gallade in that fight asked me if I had a gift called ‘Savoir’. I don’t know what that gift is about and it from some reason it’s worrying me. Do you happen to know what that gift does?”

Jaron thought for a bit, then shook his head. “I don’t know of a gift like that. But it doesn’t matter. Sides your gift isn’t uncommon well whatever it is. I mean Passing Life and Synergizer are some that can heal wounds like you can.”

“He also talked about…Averions," The mention of this word again sent a little shiver through the fraxure. He hadn't thought much about the Averian clan, but now it was one of the top things in his mind. He began twiddling his claws as he asked, "Jaron, do you or Ciecro know anything about Averions?”

Jaron walked over and sat next to Vragon. For a moment the croconaw stayed quiet; His crimson eyes showing an attempt to come up with an answer. Finally, Jaron shook his head and answer, “No, not really. Never been to their lands nor met any of them. Forest upbringing, remember." Jaron gave another one of his basic grins to try and lighten the effect of another dead end for the fraxure.

“Yeah…” Vragon’s head sank a little dashing Jaron's attempts in preventing a drop in mood.

The two sat there for a few minutes not saying a single word. Finally, the croconaw was getting a little antsy and decided to change the subject. He began looking around the room, searching for a viable conversation starter. He spotted Vragon’s pendant and took it from its resting place. Vragon didn't react at all from this action nor from the water type's gazing at the detailed grooves.

“Tell me something Vray,” Jaron said suddenly, causing Vragon to look up at him, “You ever thought about becoming a doctor? I mean, you’ve got your gift and your already are pretty smart in that area.”

“Maybe," Vragon said, taking a moment to entice the idea, "but I just comprehend synergy concepts well and my gift bypasses any really complex stuff. Sides, I’m not great on big wounds.”

“I dunno, one day you might regenerate Pokémon’s arms back,” Jaron chuckled while Vragon rolled his eyes with little grin.

"Your just being puerile, Jaron," Vragon stated, giving Jaron a skeptical smile

“It could happen,” Jaron continued, showing the genuine in his tone, “Heh, maybe with more practice. I don’t know the complete potential of your gift, Vray, and something tells me you haven't even scratched the surface.”

Vragon quickly darted his gaze to the wall, trying to keep a future blush at bay. He then began to ponder something as he looked at the wall opposite him. Jaron was about to ask him if he was alright, but Vragon beat him to it. Vragon whispered, "You know Jaron…I never really thought about it.”

The croconaw raised a brow and guessed, “Your future?” Vragon nodded. Jaron gave one of his encouraging smiles, causing Vragon to roll his eyes again. The croconaw then raised the pendant up so that he and Vragon could look at it together.

“This is a pretty pendant. I remember my dad being a toughie that rarely showed his soft side. But when he did he wouldn’t fail to make me smile,” Jaron reminisced. Jaron then put the pendant into Vragon’s hands, “Vragon, I want to help you find your past and everything, but don’t forget about us here. I hate to see you bummed and worried about this stuff and well…I wanna make you feel better. You get what I mean?”

Vragon nodded. These words from Vragon filled him with gratitude and slight guilt. He had been focusing on his search for clues, but he never really thought about his future much.

“Hey Jaron…”


“You mind coming with me to the nearby town?”

“What for?”

“I wanna get some books on medical stuff. I think you’re right about me having to think about my future and all.”

“Of course I will Vragon,” Jaron replied with an even bigger smile.

< O >

“Well this is awful” Vex complained rubbing his newly bandaged cut. The two were residing in a small cave far away from the town. Siegfried stood at the entrance keeping watch.

“I hope we had someone decent on this assignment. Considering we failed to catch the kid, we’re going to get so chewed out.”

Siegfried turned around and “I want our backup just to be competent enough to help us finish, Vex.”

“What?” Vex defended, “Are you going to blame me for everything? If you had just handled those two then we could have gotten away.”

Siegfried growled and Vex just rolled his eyes. The gallade was about to look out again until he noticed Vex’s expression change to surprise. Siegfried turned around only to clasp on his throat by a firm claw. The gallade began to gasp as Vex quickly got to his feet, only to be the landing cushion for Siegfried.

“You both are f***ing idiots,” An unrelenting voice snapped. The two looked upon their superior. A black scaled haxorus walked into the darkness, the ground crackling under his strong steps. “I have no intention of going back without our objective. You two twats will assist me.”

Siegfried got to his feet and informed, “They most likely will have him under protection or something.”

“I won’t take a risk losing a potential end to my search.” The mon said as he turned his backs towards them. He clasped his claws behind his back and peered at the crescent moon outside. “Do you fools comprehend the importance of this mission?”

Vex finally got up and managed to say, “We don’t get told too much, but we are after information and that kid is supposed to be linked to it.”

Siegfried added, “However, when I probed his memories I couldn’t find anything related to it.”

“That was your former mission purpose. You now will assist me in his capture.”

Vex gave a little cough and inquired “Um…If I may uh-”

“Trishula, but you will address me by ‘Sir’.”

“Um sir what do you mean by-”

“I have interests that is all. I have been informed that our thorn ‘Seliph’ was on your trail.”

Vex looked down in shock while Siegfried kept his stern face. Siegfried then stepped forward, leading to Trishula looking far enough back just to glimpse him out of the corner of his eye.

“If he’s coming then we should back off. He’s formidable and has killed many an agent of ours. If he joins them then….we’ll have no-”

“Silence,” Trishula scolded in a low aggressive tone. Siegfried stopped as Trishula once again looked outside, “Whatever your fate to complete this capture is of no concern. I will not risk my goals with cowards. Now you will assist or I will relieve you of your existence myself.”

The two grunts looked at each other. Trishula then raised his right arm in front of his view of the moon. Clenching his fist Trishula whispered, “You’re the reason for my existence, Aegis.”

“Aegis?” Vex whispered to Siegfried, curious about the name. Siegfried whispered back, “One of the five originals. The starters of the clans. He is the starter of the Averion’s. Remember when I mentioned if he had Savoir it would be a big break for us? Well Aegis’s gift was Savoir.” The two looked back at the haxorus, who seemed lost in deep thought. I’ll find you and then I shall complete myself from your destruction.


Trishula (Trish-oo-lah)

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
– Unknown