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Currently I am only in 2 on here. Pokemon Trainer Academy, although we are struggling with what to do next. And Tales of Sinnoh: Dimensions which the people seem awesome in.

I try not to join more than 2 at a time, especially since I do a lot of writing for fanfictions for Warcraft and Runescape, as well as getting ready to do a Pokemon Fanfic based on an old RP from 2015/2016 that couldn't keep together because we were all scattered through time zones and it was hard to get together. The people in that RP were so awesome, but most don't use Pokecommunity anymore and I lost contact with them and I just really want to give that RP and ending for all our hard work that went in that RP that failed. Sorry, a little of topic there.

I do RP some in WoW, but not as much as I did back in 2015.