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    Originally Posted by Plasmette View Post

    Hey guys! I've got a super difficult challenge for ya! Try to play Sonic 4 episode 1 and 2 without puking, crapping out your own intestines , and stabbing yourself with a rusty rake that was just dipped in lava.

    You know once I posted my big rant on Episode 2 somewhere. I got called fanboy even though Im pretty sure everything I said was valid.

    Negative opinion on modern Sonic game = Fanboyism.

    Makes sense to meeee
    Too easy of a challenge. getting through Labyrinth and 2006 sounds more suitable. XP

    Fanboy? But you're female.... XD

    Originally Posted by Plasmette View Post
    So...anyone wanna talk about the new racing game Super Sonic Plagiarism Kart 2: Obvious Mario Kart 7 ripoff is obvious?

    To be honest, it actually looks better than Mario Kart 7, mainly because it looks like its going to actually take advantage of the Underwater and Flying gimmicks? Those gimmicks in MK7 sucked probably because Nintenderp is afraid to try anything new. You'd think that you are driving a submarine, you would be able to drive around freely like Star Fox or somethin'. But nope.
    It looks better is an obvious sight. Gameplay-wise it's taking what MK7 did (underwhelmingly) and expanding on it.

    Hope that Segata Sanshiro makes it in still. XD