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Originally Posted by Bladewing View Post
==> Username: Bladewing
==> Dream Moon: Prospit
==> How far read: Up to date
==> Current Topic: I hope it is a Sburb-based RPG with randomized Land/Aspect generation. Even better if it used stuff from the Sburb Glitch FAQ fanwork.
Welcome to the club! Yeah, I'd love if he made stuff form the Glitch FAQ canon but I doubt it actually. It could totally be a game, but I feel like some things have been proven wrong since Homestuck continued explaining things.

Originally Posted by EliteBeats View Post
Also, I have been waiting since like forever to see if Rose ever learns how to play the rain and what it would be useful for. I suppose Hussie wouldn't have even bothered to bring the topic up when Rose and Terezi began to talk unless it was important. So maybe this rain ordeal will prove itself useful after all?
Yeah, I think so too :) She turned away from darkness years ago after all, so maybe now she can become a proper light player.

also newer UPDATE spoiiiler

omg aranea whaaat, has Vriska made her evil at last and is she doing this behind Vriska's back or what is even happening omg omg
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