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    Originally Posted by MechaMoth View Post
    Yeah, I'm doing forms, as well. Gotta complete it all, as they say. Terrible collector in me.

    Those are great times for me! Let's shoot for your Saturday morning time. I'll be at a friend's house watching me some RuPaul's Drag Race, but I usually trade over there anyway.
    Hey Road, just checking in if we're good for Friday night for me/Saturday morning for you this weekend!

    Originally Posted by RoadMart View Post
    The issue is, these events came from people who were trustworthy. THAT is what gets me mad. This is part of the reason I stopped caring about events for years, and likely I'm gonna revert to that. Tired of sifting through trash to think I'm fine only to eventually find out it's all still trash. Shinies are my passion anyway.
    I feel so incredibly guilty when I trade a hacked event. That's why I want people to call out if something looks suspicious. I'd rather have an honest trade center with less Pokemon than a questionable one with more.

    Sure, it's a major bummer when something turns out to be a hack because the search continues on when you thought it was over, but eventually it's worth it... maybe?
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