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Originally Posted by Diabolico View Post
And also, this might not be a good idea.... but.... perhaps we can add a thread where we can put a list of players who are reliable like twilightblade, and the others who are good traders. And we can also add a list of players who are trolls (like lolpo), banned, and those are unreliable. =/
I disagree with this idea. Good, bad, reliable, unreliable traders depend on each person. That's why we have the white list and the black list for. If our forum has a thread just like the blacklisted thread in smogon, it may end up (I'm so sorry, smogon, for saying this) like a joke where people accuse each others.

In fact, we already have a blacklisted pokemon thread. It is a more easier way to prevent the hacked pokemons from being traded.