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You have my thoughts on this already, but I thought I should scout other people's ideas, being a veteran of this place.

Originally Posted by sunwriter View Post
One thing that is a personal pet peeve of mine is when people post tradeshops and don't list what generation they're trading. I'd like to see it required for shops to be labeled as 4th Gen, 5th Gen, or Both. This way I can see at a glance while scrolling through the shops which ones I'm interested without having to go in to each shop and see if it's mentioned in the post.
This is something that can go both ways. I don't think it should be necessary, since most people trade with the 5th generation anyway, but just say if you're trading in the fourth generation at the most. I don't think it's needed for Black and White.

Originally Posted by johnny18 View Post
Mods: we definitely need more as I barely see Aurafire. I have to say TwilightBlade did a good job handling the trade corner by herself though.

Graveyard Sub forum: Not so sure about it since we already have a bumping action, all the closed thread will eventually come down to bottom.

Cloning can be added to the already-have sticky Hack-check thread.

The daily trade corner chit chat can be changed into the sticky chit-chat/Question/RNG help thread since people mostly talk about their RNG pokemons anyway. Under the rule for the thread, we just need the mod add a post where they can do a guide for RNG (in simple word, smogon is just too "fancy").
Mods can be needed, but it's really up to TwilightBlade and the higher staff whether we get more staff working here. A graveyard sub-forum would be something only staff can see, and locked threads get moved there so you can't see them. It also stops all those pointless locked threads from pushing all the good shops down. The DCC is a general place, whereas a compiled guides could be made a sticky here for whatever reason and people can ask in the DCC.

Originally Posted by PokéSwimmer View Post
On the topic of RNG guides:

If we were to include guides, I think it would be best if PC had its own RNG guides rather than use those of other sites (who would write them though?). Personally, I'd be down to write a text/visual guide focusing on PPRNG (the Mac counterpart to RNG Reporter) in my free time. Unfortunately though, I wouldn't be able to write one for RNG Reporter since I don't own a Windows computer.

Also, there are ways of cloning without AR, so wouldn't having a guide on that help alleviate a good portion of the work of the "official cloners" (should this service be implemented)?
With RNG guides, I've already written guides for DPPt and HGSS RNG abuse, which could be moved here. I'm pretty sure TwilightBlade said she was writing a guide for Black and White, so maybe you could just help her out with the Mac side of things, since it shouldn't be too different.

Originally Posted by Diabolico View Post
Well....... I know this isn't smogon, but I would say we add a thread that will explain to other players how to rng abuse just in case.

And also, this might not be a good idea.... but.... perhaps we can add a thread where we can put a list of players who are reliable like twilightblade, and the others who are good traders. And we can also add a list of players who are trolls (like lolpo), banned, and those are unreliable. =/
I'm really against having a thread for who are good and bad traders. Moreso the good traders than anything. Having a list of good traders shadows the other users who aren't defined as "good" but they are and never get trades because of these people who others will always go to.

Also there is the thing about the Whitelist and Blacklist in people's shops, where people can show who they think are good and bad.

Originally Posted by Diabolico View Post
Welll..... How about a giveaway section in the tradecorner where we can make giveaway threads?
Like others have said, there is the Quick Trade thread where you can announce if you're giving away Pokemon, and you can host a giveaway in your own trade thread. And you can have a giveaway if you're offering ten or more Pokemon in this giveaway still.