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Bay's Galar Adventure

Hello, and welcome to Bay's Pokemon Sword journey! Yeah yeah I started out late due to me not having a Switch until a couple nights ago. I did a bit of a head start already so I'm gonna do some quick bullet points here so I don't forget. All right, let's go!

  • So I started out with Sobble that I named Connery (after the classic James Bond actor Sean Connery ). Did my rival battle against Hop and easily won. "Wow you already know your type matchups, Bay?" Hop asked cheerfully. Dude, I've been playing the main games for almost 20 years, haha.
  • Next day, Hop and I went to that forbidden forest and met Zacian! Er I had Connery used Growl on the wolf legendary twice before I fainted lol.
  • So, funny story. Hop tells me to catch some Pokemon and start a team. I went to the first Pokemon Center in Wedgehurst and wanted to get some pokeballs, but the clerk wasn't selling them yet. I thought a second Hop battle will come soon, so I trained Connery for a bit. It wasn't until Connery became lv 8 or 9 that I noticed I have 5 pokeballs already. Oops. I went and catch several, including a Rookidee I named Ingrid (after the Fire Emblem: 3 Houses lady knight character haha).
  • While in Wedgehurst I bought a few potions and couple revives. Also went to the clothing store and changed into new clothes (navy stripped shirt and navy hoodie woo).
  • Once I go to Route 2 to meet with Sonia and Professor Magnolia, Leon comes and gives me more pokeballs. I mean, I should be greateful after being confused when I'll get more pokeballs haha. After that several cutscenes with the two ladies and a second battle with Hop. Again he praised of me knowing type matchups eh.
  • Onto Motostoke! Before that though, the Wild Area. Oh my gosh my first encounter was a lv 26 Onix. I had Connery do a couple Water Pluses, which did a decent enough damage but then he fainted. I tried running away but I kept geting the "can't escape!" message nooo. Used one of my revives to see if Connery for Round 2, and he managed to defeat the Onix! I immedtely rushed to Motostoke so I can heal my Pokemon.
  • After healing my Pokemon I went to the makeup place and changed up my hair and eye color. I also went to register for the Gym Challenge and went with 115 as my uniform number. 115 is the number I use on my usernames sometimes.
  • Went to the hotel and meet up with Team Yell and Marine. At this point Connery is OP haha. Next day was the opening ceremony. I thought that was a neat event!
  • I decided to try out Wild Area a bit before going to my next destination, Turffield. I got myself another member, Dedue the Seedot! And yes, another Pokemon named after a FE3H Blue Lions character haha. Sometime during that Connery evolved into Drizzile!
  • Did another battle with Hop, and Connery even more OP haha. While going through Route 3 I also did have Dedue and Ingrid take the lead in wild and trainer battles so they catch up a bit. During all that Dedue and Ingrid evolved! I also caught another Pokemon for my team, Roark the Rolycoly! And yes, he's named after the gym leader from the gen 4 games. Roark also evolved fairly quickly.
  • Had to go through the first Galar Mines and oh hi Bede. Knocked him out fairly easily, though he insisted he let me win there. Rigggght.
  • Once I reached Turffield, I did a bit of sightseeing and then went to the gym. The gym mission is cute but oh lord the Wooloo kept rolling away before I had them pushed through the obstcles. Next was the gym battle with Milo, where I used Ingrid against his Eldegoss. The both of use Dynamaxed our Pokemon, but it took two Max Airsteams on Eledgoss before it went down. Got my first badge!
  • Went back to Wild Area to see how much further I get go. I went across a few Lv 26 Duskulls. Most of my Pokemon are in the early 20s range so it should be fine, right? Nope, those nasty ghosts kept using Will-O-Wisps on me so that was annoying. I got some big experience points on them though.
  • All right, so I'm in Route 5 now trying to get a Farfetch'd. Caught one after using several different pokeballs, and I checked to see they don't have a Leek. Caught two more Farfetch'd and still no Leek. Yup, this will take a while. Will see about catching a few more before giving up.

Will stop the first log here for now. Current team:
  • Connery- Drizzile
  • Ingrid- Corvisquire
  • Dedue- Nuzleaf
  • Roark- Carkol

I forgot to put their levels, but they're in the lv 24-27 range. I also have a Yamper and Dottler as backup for now, but probably will switch them.

Foul Play
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