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    Okay! Another Cycle Done!


    Since Snowhead I have...

    > Went back to Snowhead Temple to take down Goht again.
    > Opened the Goron Racetrack AGAIN, and got me some gold dust.
    > Won the race, and got the gold dust.
    > Went back to Goron Village to get a free powder keg! ^_^
    > Exploded the roadblock in front of Romani Ranch
    > Made a Promise to Romani to fend off the aliens at 2:00 A.M.
    > Went to Great Bay
    > Met Mikau, healed his soul Got Zora Mask.
    > Got the Owl Statue for Great Bay
    > Went to Zora Cape and got that owl statue.
    > Went back to the Mountain Village to give my sword to the Smithies.
    > Went to Ikana Graveyard to get the Captain's Hat. Almost died, but had a Red Potion.
    > Beat the Giant Stalchild, got Captain's Hat.
    > Went back to Clock Town to get another Red Potion, went back near the Graveyard to give Stone Soldier Shiro the Red Potion. STONE MASK GET!
    > Showed Kafei's Mask to Anju.
    > Went back to Great Bay and broke into Pirate's Fort.
    > Got through the underside.
    > Went to the uppermost area of Fortress. Saw Aveil and Gerudo Pirate having coversation.
    > Dropped Beehive on them, got hookshot and egg.
    > Went to get another egg. Beat Pirate Admin with Zora Link. Got Egg #2
    > Returned Zora Egg #1 and #2 to Laboratory
    > Flew to Zora Cape and climbed waterfall to get Empty Bottles from Beavers.
    > Meet with Anju and got mail. Put mail in letterbox.
    > Returned to Romani Ranch to take on the Aliens.
    > Beat Aliens. Got bottle.
    > 2nd Day Morning. Got Razor Sword.
    > Gave Razor Sword to the Smithies with Gold Dust to upgrade to the Gilded Sword.
    > Went to Gorman Bros. Ranch. Beat them and got Garo Mask. Registered Gorman Bros. in Bomber's Notebook.
    > Returned to Great Bay to get remaining 2 eggs.
    > Returned Eggs #3 and #4 to Laboratory
    > Went to Pinnacle Rock to get remaining 3 eggs. Remembered way through.
    > Got eggs #5 - #7. Returned to Laboratory.
    > Learnt the song "New Wave Bossa Nova".
    > Went to play New Wave Bossa Nova for Lulu opening up Great Bay Temple.
    > Played through normally. Got Stray Fairies 1 - 9.
    > Beat Wart. Got Ice Arrows. Exited Great Bay Temple.
    > Missed my sweet ride at Romani Ranch. :(
    > Went to Clock Town to meet Kafei. Registered Kafei in Bomber's Notebook.
    > Returned to Great Bay Temple. Played through normally getting the remaining stray fairies.
    > Beat Gyorg, and got remains.
    > Returned Stray Fairies, getting double defense.
    > Went to Ikana Canyon setting Owl Statue.
    > Went back to Clock Town, waited until 1 PM. Got Keaton Mask and Letter to Mama.
    > Played Song of Double Time. Made it night of the Final Day. Went to Ikana Canyon.
    > Meet up with Kafei at the end. (Had Stone Mask on, so Sakon couldn't see me)
    > Went into Sakon's Hideout. Kafei got the Sun Mask.
    > Went to Graveyard and found Dampe under grave. Summoned Ghost Leader.
    > Beat Ghost Leader, got empty bottle #5.
    > Put Ghost Leader in bottle.
    > Returned to Clock Town and sold remaining fairies to curiosity shop. Deposited rupees.
    > Sold Big Ghost. Got Huge Rupee. Deposited all 200.
    > Gave Letter to Mama to Postman.
    > Went to get 100 rupees from Anju's room and another 100 from above east gate. Deposited.
    > Witnessed Anju and Kafei. Got Couple's Mask.
    > Got Postman's Hat.
    > Ended Cycle. Returned to Dawn of the First Day.

    Bloody hell, I got a lot of progress done and I really didn't realise. o.o

    But all that is done! :D Not much left to do now!

    Game Over, Majora! I win!


    > Got a Powder Keg, Arrows and got rid of the blockade on Milk Road.
    > Talked to Romani to make it 100% sure that I do the aliens sidequest
    > Got another Powder Keg, as well as some bombs.
    > Completed Spider House in Great Bay. GIANT'S WALLET GET!
    > Went to Southern Swamp, got Red Potion.
    > Went through woods of mystery. Got Magic Mushrooms.
    > Healed Koume, gave magic mushroom to Kotake. Got Blue Potion
    > Got Bugs, went to Swamp Spider House.
    > Finished Swamp Spider House. MASK OF TRUTH GET!
    > Got 5 Magic Beans
    > Got Milk
    > Got Another Bug
    > Went to talk to Anju and Kafei. Started Sidequest. Also got Room Key!
    > Got 10 Deku Nuts
    > Got 10 Bombs
    > Headed to Ikana Graveyard. Opened Night 1 Grave.
    > Beat Iron Knuckle (Almost died), learnt fan-favourite Song of Storms.
    > Went back to Inn, got fish and letter. Put letter in Postbox.
    > Prevented Sakon from stealing big bomb bag.
    > Went to Romani Ranch, fended aliens off.
    > Went to Ikana Canyon. Played Song Of Storms of Sharp. "The thousand raindrops that fall are my tears, the thunder that strikes is my anger!"
    > Went in Music Box house and healed Pamela's father. Got Gibdo Mask and watch heart-touching cutscene. :')
    > Went through the Ikana Well. Got Mirror Shield!
    > Went through Ikana Castle's ruins. Beat Igos Du Ikana and learnt Elegy of Emptiness.
    > Climbed Stone Tower. Set Owl Point.
    > Returned to Clock Town, met Kafei.
    > Gave Pendant of Memories to Anju.
    > Went to Romani Ranch, did NOT miss my sweet ride this time! :)
    > Fended off Gorman Bros. from breaking Cremia's Milk.
    > Got Membership Mask to let me in the club.
    > Waited 'till 10 and got Chateau Romani (unlimited magic)
    > Got Circus Leader's Mask.
    > Obtained Kamaro's Mask! (Translation) Got Kamaro's Mask.
    > Started Stone Tower Temple, beat Garo Master and Got Light Arrows. Also got every stray fairy found along the way.
    > Flipped Stone Tower upside down. Continued normally, still getting every stray fairy.
    > Fought Gomess, and won. Got boss Key!
    > Went to bridge without sidelines. Beat Eyegor, and got Giant's Mask.
    > Hit switch before Boss Room. (Makes a chest appear).
    > Went into Boss Room. Beat Twinmold.
    > Went back into Stone Tower getting stray fairies I forgot / couldn't get at the time.
    > Returned Stray Fairies to fountain, getting Great Fairy Sword.
    > Waited until 10 on Night of the Final Day. Got All-Night Mask.
    > Played Song of Time to return of the Dawn of the First Day.
    > Done the Anju and Kafei quest again, but DID NOT SAVE OLD LADY FROM SAKON!
    > Met with guy from Curiosity Shop in Kafei's house at 1 on Final Day (Day), got Letter to Mama.
    > Met with Kafei at Ikana Canyon. Kafei got Sun's Mask, again.
    > Went to the Latte in Clock Town and gave Letter to Mama to Miss Aroma. Got last empty bottle w/ Chateau Romani inside it.
    > Took Chateau Romani, got Ocarina, Bow and Arrows and Bunny Hood ready.
    > Met with Skull Kid. Played Oath To Order
    > Went into Moon. Hide-And-Seek with Moon Children of Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg and Twinmold. (I died to the Iron Knuckle in Twinmold's Dungeon, to be honest.)
    > Went to play with Moon Child of Majora. Got Fierce Deity's Mask because I had no masks (besides "weak" masks).
    > 1. Z-/L-Target 2. Spam B.
    > Beat Majora.
    > Listened to my favourite credits music in any game! :)
    > Saw letter "The End" appear under a stump with a picture of Link, Skull Kid, Tatl and Tael on it.


    I know there's a blank, black area at the bottom for some reason, paint refuses to fix that. >.>

    Game Over, Majora! I win!
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