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The event is about to end, so I've been playing Skyward Sword non-stop during the last three days. I've gotten through a lot of things since my last update. First, I've beaten the Silent Realm of Lanayru Desert. This has taken me quite a long time, since I had to think of some strategic methods in order to obtain all the tokens (or tears—I forgot what they were called). Then, I managed to get myself inside the Sandship, get past all the obstacles, and defeat Tentalus—the boss of this location. He wasn't very hard, because I was able to dodge all the attacks that he threw at me pretty easily. d: Some of them were landed on me successfully, but I was able to quickly recover my health by taking all hearts that were inside the pots. When I was finally done with that, I payed a visit to the Volcano Summit and completed the Eldin Volcano Silent Realm. I was able to finish this mission pretty quickly, because I was very familiar with Eldin Volcano. Now, I'm at the Fire Sanctuary. I may have to fight Ghirahim here, but I'm not a hundred-percent sure. We'll see, I guess! :)