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    Name: Tyrus
    Age : 17
    Tyrus is about 5’ 8” and stick thin. This makes him look a bit like a scarecrow. His skin is weather tanned. He has slightly narrower shoulders than would be expected on someone his height but they are still wider than the women he knows. Dark brown, shaggy hair covers his head, the fringe falling just below his eyebrows. Light blue eyes are the only remarkable thing about his outward appearance. They dart around, never still, analysing everything.
    For clothing Tyrus wears a black long sleeved t-shirt. He wears a pair of faded black jeans that were once the same colour as his top but after a lot of hard wear they have faded considerably. He wears a blue belt made by his dad who is no longer alive and is the most important inanimate object he owns. On the belt lie 5 pokeballs, there were 6 at one point but one left the team.

    Being a kind soul is something Tyrus has never seemed to be able to lose. He is often too trusting, always willing to believe the best in someone. He makes up for this by being immensely loyal to his friends and he treats everyone with respect and an open mind.
    His face is almost always adorned with a smile, every time it is a legitimate smile. He is useless at keeping secrets and will usually speak his feelings truthfully. Tyrus’ openness to others hides a sharp mind. He has great analytical abilities with an “outside the box” style of thinking.
    In battle

    Team (Pokemon, abilities, moves):
    Alph – Male Venasaur – Overgrowth – Frenzy Plant, Giga Drain, Earthquake, Toxic
    Kambei – Male Dragonite – – Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Surf, Hidden Power (Ice)
    Jenn – Female Jolteon – Volt Absorb – Shock Wave, Dig, Double Kick, Thunder
    Annie – Female Haunter – Levitate – Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray
    Sam – Male Lucario – Inner Focus – Sword Dance, Close Combat, Return, Drain Punch
    Sixth place currently unfilled

    A summary of how they spent their preparation day:
    Tyrus spent the day working on battle strategies, focusing mainly on commonly used pokemon and their counters then secondarily on his teams weaknesses. Meanwhile his team did their own favourite activities, Alph slept, Kambei went swimming, Jenn went for a run along the beach, Annie sat and watched Tyrus plan and Sam sat in a corner and meditated quietly.

    Other useful info:
    Tyrus has no idea that the competition will force him to lose his friends. When he finds out he may not be happy about it. He will continue the contest but much more carefully.
    He is also looking for a fire type to finish his team.
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