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Originally Posted by dungeonmaster201 View Post
I can save in the PC. I tried repatching, same thing. after I did the repatch and got the same results, I used the Fire red walk through walls, to bypass this to see if there was any other changes and the rest of the game was the same as if it wasnt edited at all. cycling road, Fuschia city, the fly girl was there but acts as though she had given you the HM, the super rod was were it was over were it was. I think you get the picture. The only thing that was weird was I did a 360 back to pallet town and as soon as you try to enter pallet from the south the game freezes. not sure If it was a bug, or caused by walking through walls though.. If you can redirect to a up-to-date version of this I would appreciate it.
I hope you did not repatch the old ROM o.o
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