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Trainer 1: "Leavanny use X-scissor !"

At it's trainers command, the Leavanny sprung into action covering its arm with a sickly green aura formed in a X and struck the Mightyena.

Trainer???: "Don't think you'll win just because you have a type advantage! Mightyena use fire fang!"

Mightyena quickly stood back up, after letting out a fearsome roar, the area around its mouth erupted in a fiery aura, the leavanny tried to avoid the incoming foe by leaping but the Mightyena's speed closed the distance in an instant. Mightyena caught leavanny in mid air with it's fire fang and with a swift motion hurled the leavanny.

Trainer??? "Oh NO!"

The trainer's attention was so focused on winning the match she didn't realize how close the battle had got to one of the nearby houses till her mightyena threw the leavanny through the window at the front of house.

The two trainers nervously looked at each other.

Trainer ???: "We've done it now ain"t we?"

Trainer 1: "I can't belie.."

The trainer"s words were cut short by the incoherent yelling of an older man storming out the front door with the young man's unconscious leavanny in his arms

Man: "You blasted kids! look what you did do my window! Why in the hell were you brats battling so close to my house!?!?"

Trainer???: "I'm sorry sir its my fault, it was my pokemon that threw leavanny, it's all my fault I'll pay for the window I promise"

The young woman bowed her head as show of respect, but the man's temper didn't seem to cool off, after aggressively dropping leavanny on the ground in front if it's trainer, he started angrily pacing towards the young woman till the sight of Mightyena's bared teeth caused him to slow his pace.

Alex: "My name is Alex, if you don't want Mightyena to mistake you for a threat I'd suggest cooling your temper, he just recently evolved and I can't fully tame his aggression yet, I'm deeply sorry for the window I told you I'll pay for it"

The man either outright ignored her or was to mad to hear what Alex just said, he continued hollerin' and without hesitation Mightyena leaped towards him, Alex reached for mightyena's ball but her reaction was nowhere fast enough,the man fell back holding his arms up in fear anticipating Mightyena's sharp teeth to cut his arms till he heard a familiar voice call out

Voice: "Rockruff! Quick Attack!"

The Mightyena was struck in the mouth by the brown blur that seemed to come out of nowhere, It didn't do much damage to the mightyena but it stopped it in it's tracks giving Alex enough time to return it to it's ball.

Alex: "I-I-I tried to warn you, I'm sorry"

The man stood up, his face as red as a cheri berry, but before he could yell some more a woman's voice came out of the door way.

Carrie: "Allen if you don't stop all that screaming I'm gonna wallop you myself!"

Allen: "Her beast tried to attack me!"

Carrie: "She told you what would happen, and you didn't pay her no mind. If Cole's reaction was a second slower you'd be a chew toy right now!"

Alex: " I'm sorry, sir, ma'am. I swear I'll pay for the window."

Carrie: "I heard you the first time honey,"

Alex: " He's only been a mightyena for 2 days, his newfound aggression is still surprising to me, I haven't quite got a handle on him yet"

Carrie: "Don't worry about it hun, I've had Allen for 40 years and I'm still training him"

Alex let a chuckle slip out but quickly composed herself when she saw Allen wasn't to amused at his wife's joke. Allen turned and made his way back toward the house, no doubt cursing under his breath. Alex's eyes drifted to the Rockruff, who scurried back to the side of the young brown haired boy standing outside the door.

Alex: " That was quick thinking kid, if you hadn't been there I could've been in a lot more trouble, that's a rather unique pokemon you got there, did I hear you call it a Rockruff? I have to say it's my first time seeing one of these it must be pretty rare."

Cole: "Thanks. They're actually native to the Alola Region, so I'm told"

Alex: "How'd someone so young get a pokemon from that far away?"

Cole: "Eagun told me it was a gift from my Mom, he gave me an egg, said it was from my mom and it hatched into rockruff here"

Rockruff let out a playful yelp as it trotted toward Alex, she bent down and gave it a few rubs behind it's ears.

Alex: " It's adorable, Cole. You're a trainer too I assume?''

Cole: " Well.."

Cole's words were cut short by Carrie.

Carrie: "You two come in here and clean this glass up, I'll have dinner ready in 30 minutes, young lady if you're hungry I'll fix you up a plate.''

Alex: "Oh..why thank you ma'am."

Cole: " We'd better get started, it shouldn't take long, wished that other guy didn't run off so fast, he could've helped."

Alex: "Haha, Alright.."