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(In her personality when it says 'you'd be better off drowning than on her bad side' its kind of a exageration to get a point across, not meaning she's a killer. I put that once and somebody (on a different website) declined my sign up because they thought I ment she was a killer. Please don't decline me because of appearance, I'm not the best at describing what they look like.)

Name: Sapphire Hallowood
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Sapphire is kind of a loner, but not totally. She can usually make friends if she wants to, but thats not too often. She prefers peace and quiet, peace and quiet to listen to music in. She's very bold, and a few people could tell you you'd be better off drowning than be on her bad side, at least if your drowning you can get saved. Sapphire can get 'ticked off' easily. Sapphire often goes overboard if she gets mad, and she always feels guilty afterwords. She always tries to push guilt away but it eats away at her. Any time she feels guilty she want to appalogise to the person, but can't find the words, and she usually gets depressed this way. She doesn't like hurting people, physically or mentaly, she just can't seem to control herself.

Sapphire mocks people, but if someone mocks her she will get very, very mad. So its safe to say mockers are on her bad side. And if someone bullies her, they're in for it. She's bit someone for it, gave someone a very bad bloody nose for it, and other stuff before. Most people who know her know to watch what they say if their joking around, she might take it personally, which she has a tendency to do. Sapphire absolutly hates nosey people, and she, 95% of the time, isn't nosey herself.

Sapphire can usually hide her sadness and depression, so its hard to tell her emotions apart. She likes it that way, it makes her less 'readable'. She thinks is she shows sadness or depression, she'll be seen as weak, a actor sense she pretends to be very bold and rough. She works hard to gain the respect from the other kidnapped kids that she had back at her old school in Jhoto. Sapphire isn't one to tell secrets to anyone, except for her pokemon...sometimes. Sapphire isn't one to trust anybody.

All of this aside, Sapphire loves pokemon. Pokemon is the one subject that opens her up, and usually lightens her mood. She usually tells her secrets to pokemon sense they can't talk, if she's going to tell her secrets to anybody. She'll do anything to protect her pokemon, and tries to never push them to hard.


Sapphire has carolina blue hair, which is why her parents named her sapphire, and it goes down to just two inches above her knees. Her hair is straight, and its 'silky', hardly ever knotting up. She's taken good care of her hair, it keeps her warm on cold winter nights, like a pokemon's fur. She as bright blue eyes, that are usually filled of determination, and their good for staring people down for information. Sapphire stands 5"8, being a bit on the tall side, and she has medium tanned skin. She's got a hourglass figure, and she is fairly fit and skinny, due to how much excersizing she does.Sapphire wears a Maya blue sleeveless top that goes a inch below her waist, and is a little bit loose. She wears black scrunch leg cargo pants. Then she wears a black, warm jacket. As for shoes she wears calf high hiking boots, which are very durable. she wears a black pearl necklace at the very bottom of her kneck, and a black locket-chocker much higher, and the contents of it she will not reveal. Then she wears a braclet on both of her wrists with small, dull spikes. She keeps her nails a little long, and slightly sharp, just in case. Two of her teeth, two teeth from her front teeth, are slightly sharp, and they 'look' like canine teeth in a way, but not as sharp. (these are her pants just hers arn't cropped)


Sapphire was born in Cianwood City, Johto. She was once saved from a apartment building fire by a group of water pokemon, when they were at her mom's friend's house. Sapphire was about 8 months old then and she'll never forget it. She'd loved pokemon before that, but after that she adored pokemon. She got near pokemon ever chance she got.

By time she was 5, Sapphire was kind of 'locked away, as much as she is in the present. Sapphire was being bullied one day, and she stood up and she punched the girl (who was the school bully/popular girl named Renny) in the nose, giving her a very bad bloody nose. Everytime she sees that girl, she smirks and under her breath says 'bloody nosed brat'.

The next year, when Sapphire was 6, Renny was at it again. She was saying every insult she could, throwing Sapphire's books in the mud, and usually Sapphire along with them. One day, Renny said 'at least my parents didn't name me after my hair'. Sapphire snapped. Sapphire learched at Renny, and bit down on her arm, and, due to her teeth being sharp like her dads, she broke skin. Then she through her at the brick wall, where she fell to the mud. She got a month of detention for this, but she didn't care, at least she had got her payback.

Pokemon: Squirtal
Escapee or Capturer: Escapee

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