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I thought the Mogwai role in Faeries and Daemons sounded like a lot of fun!
So, I haven't played F&D really, so excuse me for asking. The Mogwai is basically a serial killer role, right?

I've never heard of it
What's it do?

I really like siren/recruiter roles myself. They provide an interesting twist and there's a lot you can do with them.
The jester is about getting yourself lynched. You win if you get lynched, basically. If people know the role is in the game, everything suspicious gets a whole lot more interesting. It's best used in friendsonly games or ones on forums, because they're a bit prone to spam. Another fun role is the Executioner. That one receives a target at the start of the game, and if he manages to get that target lynched during the day, he wins. The target is always innocent. He loses if he dies before his target gets lynched, and if the target dies at night, he becomes a jester for the rest of the game.