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Posted July 30th, 2017
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Dear SinisterHoodedFigure, I have beat Kaizo Emerald.

I absolutely loved this rom hack, every moment had me feeling some sort of emotion (frustration, immense sadness and depression and joy). This has been my favorite play through of any pokemon game I have ever touched and I tried to not have super overleveled pokemon for my run, at most I was 5-6 levels ahead. I will be talking about the game so uh heres your spoiler warning.

There were a few parts of the game that felt way harder than other parts, and a few that felt super easy I also built a super team for the end game and still had a pretty rough time. My ending team consisted of: Gengar,Houndoom,Salamence,Cradily(<3),metagross, and lanturn. I switched up my team alot of times, I even ditched my mudkip before the second route. The first three gyms felt super difficult, the fourth gym was crazy hard for me, the drought was brutal, and along with the solarbeams I had to create a specific strategy for Flannery. The fifth gym was awesome, I super enjoyed all of the battles along with the Norman fight which was superb. The Winnona fight was super easy and left me wanting more from it however, It might have been my team which boasted 3 rockslides though. The seventh gym was a PAIN. I had to completely change my team and grind up some new pokemon just to stand a chance at beating her. The Eighth gym was super cool as well, it felt similar to the fifth gym in which the trainers were also super hard I also super enjoyed the surprise at the end of that gym. The elite four felt pretty difficult, once again im not sure if it was my team but the first three fights were super underwhelming. Drake got rolled but I could see how he was diffuicult, steven was HARD. I was still let down though. I felt the game was super hard, then it kept getting hard, then it got more hard, then it just stopped. I loved it though if you want to reply or email it to me I would love to share some more opinions or suggestions on the game.

There were also a few trainers that you might have accidentally skipped, The fisherman on the way to fortree city, and a few trainers after red in victory road

All in all I loved this rom hack, and its inspired me to create my own platinum kaizo hack, even though I cursed your name when I couldnt get thunderbolt,flamethrower and icebeam, thanks SinisterHoodedFigure.

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