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    Originally Posted by saifors View Post
    nice updates looking good it's a shame though that the bag has some bugs :(
    Oh and about that never to happen promotion, WRONG! it happened in the newest season.
    Yeah well the animation from the bag has been fixed =3 Think I putted tiles on the animation spots. About the promotion, I didn't knew that :P I'm still from the first generation anime xD

    Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
    You know, I haven't paid attention to this hack until now. It actually looks really epic! I'll wait as long as it takes for a release!
    Thanks ^^

    Originally Posted by アルセウス View Post
    Nice update, your scripting is awesome, the graphic is great too
    Thanks ^^

    Originally Posted by Chimchar 9 View Post
    Mitchel, I come back to PC after my life had been a mess for the last week, and you cheer me up with a freakin' massive update. Everything looks amazing!!

    I actually can't believe you've been working on it, seeing as your a big hit with the ladies.

    Anyway, good luck!
    Hehe welcome back chimchar9, I hope it's all fine currently? I might will hear the story soon on MSN ^^

    Yeah I also can't beleve it myself, I'm seeing this way I'll atleast release the alpha I promised for over 2 years from now. About the lady part I don't want to brag but ya' right xD Currently single but I love some "me" time xD

    Anyhow thanks =)

    Originally Posted by Rayce View Post
    I'm a noob so this is my first look at this hack(man was that a mistake not going through all of them when I first got back on), but this looks great, I really love the tiles
    Thanks ^^

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    So you managed to get Spider to work!
    Awesome Mitchel!
    I love your updates!
    You must bring beta soon :D
    Thanks, and yeah I know there isn't an escape from that =3

    Originally Posted by maison123 View Post
    91,6 % done ! AHHHH ! I've been waiting for this for so long and never thought it would come back to life... This game actually looks even better than Light Platinum. And most importantly, it's English !
    Thanks ^^


    - Block premissions!
    - Solana pallet glitch
    - Gym 1 OW glitch
    - Side quest: fish on my hook party POKéMON glitch
    - D/N bug (after trainer battle)
    - Jessie, James, Gesina fadescreen glitch
    - Move premissions!

    New bag + layout! (animation bug fixed!)
    Gym 1 (Spinerak mobile part II works!)
    Re-scripted out-date scripts!
    New battle type...SOUND! (example: Jigglypuff)
    Torn world working!
    Sethealplaces now complete costum!
    D/P/P evo starters added (+shiny glitch fix)!

    :....:To-Do list:....:

    - Trainer battle battleground
    - 2 more Behavior byte scripts
    - Door animation! (I can use all your help with this. I ain't that good with pixel design so I wanted to ask if someone can make the following doors in animation? (2 regular doors and one (midway) open door (like gym FR/LG)

    Less important:
    - Prof Rowan intro sprite (pixel error fix)

    :....:Special Thanks:...:
    LinkandZelda: "Pre"-alpha testing.
    Mindfreak: Its support on dark cry even when it sufferd on an unfixable glitch!

    Kyledove: Marreep OW
    Morris: Its brilliant sound type idea!

    New type introduced!....SOUND!

    Random screenshot new OW inserted

    Hope I've informed you all enough, like some of you might already can see the release of alpha 1.0 is near after 2 f*cking years! Hope you all also will take attention to the door request.