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Well, since nobody else has posted yet I'll just drop some stuff here:

Some sort of Game-show style mafia, where the people not playing/dead players vote in polls that effect gameplay/cause events.

A Dr. Who mafia game with a zygon twist, it would be really cool to have the Osgood box theme in there and make for interesting gameplay.

A game where the dead people count against the town, so if there's less than half of the villagers alive then the town loses. Clearly this would require a major re-balance of the game, thus why I haven't done it XD

A role that every time they shoot a gun they also hit one other random target.

A role that can start a private chat with anyone in the game, however they won't know anything about the other player's role or alignment.

A role that "revives" dead players so they can talk but not vote or use actions.