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I believe me and Cathy are going to do a simplier way to handle "defence" in our game. Not so much that people have a defense stat, but certain roles will have magic attack and other roles will have physical attack. vise versa there will be characters with a strong MD and PD so if say a magic attacker attacks someone with high magic defense it would inflict less damage (perhaps 25% less? we're still in development stage ourselves) than if they used a magic attack on someone that takes physical attacks well but magic attacks not as much.

then maybe a role or two with extremely high physical defense but low magic defense we're not 100% sure yet, i believe. haven't been able to work on it in the 2 weeks i've been without a laptop. :U

but a thought, i suppose! but we'll be able to do this because magic/physical split. which, ofc, would be the only split that we'll do. adding elemental attacks and so forth on top of that would be too much work for a mafia game, imo.