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    This is more of a trivial fact then headcanon but related nevertheless. I don't believe I have enough posts for linking to the source but Google is always there for you. Hopefully you can just take my word for it.

    As we all know SNES came before GB/GBC. Hopefully that common sense. Earthbound (Mother 2) was a SNES RPG that they wanted to try to sell in the US so badly that they even include a guide in the giant box that it came in.

    Ok, one of the things that inspired the guy who made Earthbound was The Body which the short story Stand By Me was based on.

    On Pokemon G/R/B/Y (pretty sure it was on Yellow as well) the TV in your house have a scene from Stand By Me.

    Sure, it could just be a totally random reference but it could also been a way for Pokemon show reference from Earthbound. You could also just type the two simple keywords "Pokemon Earthbound" into Google to find other stuff that people think are references from Earthbound, some less believable while others like Pokemon naming their towns after colors like how Earthbound name theirs by numbers (Fourside) are more so.

    Worth pointing out that Ness didn't really have a father at home, love to ride bikes and lastly he wear a cap.

    Basically, the fact could be simply because Ness didn't had one, Red doesn't get one either. It could just by a copypasta design choice.

    Now back to the fun discussion of headcanon. My favorites are currently:
    1. He died in a war.
    2. Team Rocket Boss is him. Explain why his gym was right next to his town.
    3. The guy who help you in Brock's gym was your father too scared to tell you so. He travel gym to gym to help you out which explains why the gyms allow such a guy...He shouldn't be there!
    Just for fun I am running a massive favorite Pokemon poll. Unlike most common polls this will list the most favorite to the least favorite at the bottom of the page. I won't be mad if you only vote for a few of them though I would love it if you vote for all of them. PM me if you voted for all of them, I would like to keep a list of people who actively vote so I can PM them for the next round.

    -Sadly not by my choice you are forced to have a Facebook or make an account on the site to vote. I recommend making an account, the site is quite useful for tournaments of any kind and you don't even need to verified the account at all. My existing account been unverified for over a year now out of laziness.
    -You may vote as little or as much as you like though once you hit the button then it is set in stone for any votes that you did made. For example you can do half of the 1st gen one day and the other half the next. You just can't change your mind later for anything you already voted for. If the button no longer there then you voted for everything possible for that round.
    -I will only update this when I feel I have a decent amount of votes to give a decent result.
    -You may vote for that Pokemon for any given reason. Just go for your personal favorite.
    -If you need a reference of their designs then you can use this or your favorite site with images.
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