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    Originally Posted by ~Undefined~ View Post
    I voted for Gary, but you should name him Green, like in the manga, though...
    I never read any manga series before... In the anime, his name is Gary.
    Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
    It's still obviously copy and pasted from my thread, with a few changed details... You should rewrite the whole thread from scratch.
    Oh, sorry! I just think things at random when I'm bored. If I have spare time, I may rewrite it from scratch. The Creation Myth of Sinnoh--I found it at Bulbapedia.
    Originally Posted by h POKE View Post
    Are those seriously still the maps you're using for the actual game, or are you planning on making something with at least some style and interest?
    I'll just add new houses at random, though Antler Town is the smallest town in the Bibbur-Si Continent. The map of Antler Town does not need to be changed. (NOTE: Twinleaf, New Bark, Littleroot, and Pallet have fewer houses than the rest.)
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