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awwwright, I don't own this club anymore so I don't have to feel guilty when I let it die. XD;

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Look at that sad box 24. x_X I need to fill it.

Aaaand the current topic:

What do you think should be changed or added to GPX+?

I would love for them to bring back the ability to do exploration tasks before you get to them. I HATE that change and I very nearly quit the site because of the way the admins handled it. I'm still not pleased with it. <_<; I've stopped doing explorations because of it, pretty much. I'm still mad about it.

I haven't really looked at the new site much. First time I checked it, when it become available for people with that item, I wasn't overly impressed because nothing was working. I do like the improved shelter now that they fixed the scrolling issue but I don't remember anything else about the site. It didn't look overly impressive or amazing when I saw it though. I don't feel like there was a whole lot design or code-wise to really improve on this time around, whereas last time they redesigned everything (three years ago?) it was definitely needed. :P

Anyone else doing the shiny hunt this month? Which hunt are you doing? I picked Trapinch since I already have a shiny Luxray and Lapras takes too long to hatch. I haven't been on a whole lot so I wanted a 5120-step egg. I've only hatched 55 because I keep forgetting about the site and when I do remember, there are never any Trapinch in the shelter and I keep grabbing other eggs in my impatience. x_X; Luckily there's still 10 days left in the month, though, so hopefully next weekend when the multipliers are on I'll finally have computer time. (Was away from my computer pretty much all of last weekend and this weekend, ack.) I haven't had a whole lot of luck with shinies in the last year, but maybe a good day of clicking will get me my Trapinch before the hunt's up.
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