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    Originally Posted by fanp View Post
    So you begin in the sevvi islands, then go to the empire isle and in the end to the orange islands, right?
    Can you specify how work the badge system?
    (Sorry so much question)
    I like the palettes(the palettes in the tree of the 8th screen(sevii islands) are messed up)
    Good luck.:)
    Cheers for the questions, I like them :) helps me develop my idea as I haven't planned it all out myself!

    You start on the Sevii Islands and venture through Empire Isle. There will be a part of the game featuring a trip to (A small segment of) Johto and also a few of the Orange Islands at the end. The amount I feature on the Orange Islands depends on what the ROM can handle after I finish Empire Isle.

    The Gym badges are royal symbols/emblems. You earn 7 through battling Gyms, and then a final badge has to be earned from the ruler of Empire Isle (Lord Gerald Empire). And then you take on the Assembly of Royals (Elite 4 and Champion).

    With regards to the palette error, I did notice that and attempt to rectify it, but the grass palette was being affected too much so I thought it'd have to do how it is. I may look into it again in the future :) cheers for the inquiries!
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