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    Originally Posted by DeagleAc3 View Post
    Just played a little found one bug, when you retrieve your Pokemon then battle your rival "insertnamehere" you can leave where you found him, come back and he's there again, talk to him and he dissapears. The problem is that he's there when you come back, very small, minor bug though just thought I'd point it out.
    Cheers for the comment bud.

    This is a bug I am aware of and happens in all Rival instances. I cannot find the latest Pokescript and so my removesprite function does not work, so I have no way to remove his sprite permanently from the game. Until this problem has been rectified I have left him there but made him vanish for ease.

    The same occurs when you want to enter certain areas, you must talk to certain individuals to pass through as I also do not know how to make setmaptile movement permissions permanent.
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