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While I do totally agree that this year has been a disappointment in terms of the quality of hacks, only one hack developed this year has caught my attention: Snakewood. It's gameplay is pretty interesting and it gets points for originality. Where as Life of Guardians is defiantly a much more well developed hack when it comes to polish and lack of glitches, Snakewood is more original which makes me think it deserves to win, I get tired of the same old gameplay style and I quite enjoy the humor and insanity of the scripts. I would mention difficulty as well but I think LoG actually makes a good match if not more difficult.

I'll probably focus on making Snakewood win from now on. Even though the critical appeal of things like graphics and polish are probably gonna drag it down, IMO it's the hack deserving to win this year only because I liked the playthrough I did. Which means that LoG and LP would get the same scores if not swapped if Snakewood actually wins...

Also, I find it funny people are arguing over a stupid award, it's an award, no need to trash other people's work because you don't like it. And you guys take it like it's not a popularity contest, which it pretty much is...