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    Name: Bayani

    Nickname (Optional): Bay

    Age: 11

    Sex (Male or Female): Male

    Appearance: Bay has long black silk like hair worn in a ponytail that goes back down to the mid section of his torso.
    Dark Skinned from "wandering the wastes" for a year. He is slim, has brown eyes, and is tall for his age. He wears patched grey
    boots that he found while scavenging and managed to repair. He also wears a purple scarf around his neck that was given to him
    by Kenny. He somehow managed to maintain hygiene his life. He wears patched up trousers and a strapped pauldron he found in an
    abandoned store and wears a black, high collar shirt.

    Personality: Bay is very cautious observant and mild from spending a year alone in the wastes excluding his pokespirit. He is also
    non-aggressive unless tempted. If he is surprised he can immediately become violent. He is also very protective, loyal, and a
    quick thinker. He has instinct made for battle but dislikes risks so rarely does it unless necisary out of fear of losing his
    eevee. He is unaccustomed to socializing due to being alone for so long but he retained his sanity. He is very inventive
    even repairing R.I.L. (radio Interface layer) he uses for picking up radio signals for news and music. He is became somewhat
    flexible to situations

    History: Bay wandered the "wastes" of the world for about a year after escaping from Eterna City after recieving his Pokemon
    Spirit. He never knew his parents as they were killed by raiders soon after abandoning him and leaving him for dead untill found
    by scavengers from Eterna. He was sent part of Eterna's labour since he was a baby. He escaped from Eterna with a Friend named
    Kenny but they got split up in the process while on their way to Children's City. Neither of them knew how to get to children's
    city so now Bay is lost and wanders the waste in search of either Children's city or his friend. He survived the year by scavaging
    from abandoned stores and avoiding conflict.

    PokÈspirit Species: Eevee

    Nickname: Flow

    Personality: Flow is Loyal and Mild like Bay. Flow is well balenced for survival and conflict based on his speed and adaptability.
    flow is also calm but quick to anger if anyone threatens his or Bay's safety. Flow also enjoys reading and art so he gets Bay to
    carry certain things he finds around such as pictures or books. Bay also is an intellectual.

    Moves: Dig, Iron Tail, Return, Wish, Double Team, Last Resort

    Other: Can detect things easily and escape from combat quickly. High Perception. Adaptable to environment. When fused Bay becomes exceptionally agile

    Opening Post: Bay dragged his feet on through the night as he walked up the hill onto the next abandoned settlement he could find. His feet were sore and he hoped they could've stopped on spot. "I wish we could have stayed there longer" said Bay, eyes looking down while remaining alert. "We were nearly done on supplies" said Flow "and that none of the abandoned houses there were in good condition an-" stopped a moment and perked his ears. At once Bay crouched down and slowed his breathing, he knew the drill. His eyes remained ahead as he pulled a knife out his belt buckle and he crept slowly ahead focusing intently ahead and he noticed a light. Avoiding to not stand up too tall he stood up a little more erect and stopped treading lightly. "What is it" said Bay. "It's some sort of city" said Flow. Bay walked on to figure out whether the city was hostile

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