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    Even if dual-typed moves were to introduced I don't think they would work like Sabrewulf238 explained.

    I think it would simply be about fusing the two types in one attack, just like we fuse the two types' weaknesses/resistances in dual-typed Pokémon. For example:
    Fighting moves are SE against: Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, Steel
    Fighting moves are NVE against: Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug
    Fighting moves have no effect on: Ghost
    Ghost moves are SE against: Psychic, Ghost
    Ghost moves are NVE against: Dark, Steel
    Ghost moves have no effect on: Normal

    So, a Fighting/Ghost move like Shadow Punch would:
    be SE against: Ice, Rock
    be NVE against: Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug
    have no effect on: Normal, Ghost

    And Freeze Shock would:
    be SE against: Flying (x4)
    be NVE against: Fire, Ice, Steel
    have no effect on: Ground

    I've always agreed that some moves would make more sense if they were dual-typed, but imo this would make the game too complicated. It would just take too much time for one to calculate the effect that the attack would have in the opponent. Still, this would only be applied to a few attacks, so you wouldn't be forced to use it.

    Also, about the lack of room for second type buttons to appear on an attack's information page, I don't think that's an obstacle if they want to make dual-typed moved. A single typed move would be like and a dual typed move would be like .
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