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Originally Posted by Mewtwolover View Post
There goes my plan to kick Giovanni's ass with Mewtwo(unless there will be an AR code or glitch that allows bypassing that restriction). :( I expected that there will be Pokemon restrictions but I still hoped it would've been unrestricted.
Well... that was pretty much expected that someone with 154 in Sp.Att won't be allowed to sweep everything in the way o.O

Originally Posted by Haseyo View Post
They are just as tough as WiFi trainers, and because of the 3v3 limit, you're forced to be pretty aggressive. I've never had to EV train nor create entirely new teams for a Frontier before PWT. Their AI is top-notch outside of switching to sponge attacks. If they know your current Pokemon can't do jack squat, they will set up on you big time. I've had more luck battling friends than I have in PWT, lol.
Once you get hold of items, everything is a piece of cake ;)
My Choice Scarf Lucario, Life Orb Volcarona, Choice Band Haxorus and something (xD) are sweeping everything along the way.
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